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Kyle Richards: A Misconstrued Story Can Be Extremely Damaging

"I ask you to watch the season play out and don’t rush to judge. We have only just begun."

By Kyle Richards
The Ladies Arrive in the Bahamas

First of all, I never learn my lesson. I always get excited about these trips. I love a girls trip, what can I say?

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Dorit organized a beautiful trip to a beautiful place. The hotel was amazing, the sea was warm and beautiful, the food was delicious. 

This Snorkeling Adventure Is Not What the 'Wives Were Expecting

If only that was the end of this story ...

When Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy (try not to laugh when saying that) comes up, the mood automatically shifts. Here’s the problem: As an animal lover, your first instinct is to be upset. However, we have to keep in mind that Dorit did what she thought was best for her children. And as LVP states herself, she had no ill intent. I LOVE my dogs SO MUCH, but my children’s safety will always come first. Period. End of story. When Dorit called Lisa to tell her what happened and that she had to find a new home for the dog, Lisa seemingly understood Dorit’s position and never asked for the dog to be returned to her or Vanderpump Dogs. To me, that indicates that Lisa V was OK with the dog going to a new home at that time, which makes sense. There are a lot of dogs that need homes, and it’s not always easy to find the right fit.

It only became an issue when the dog was left at a shelter by the woman that Dorit thought was giving the dog a good home. It's safe to say that everyone was blindsided by that. Now, the issue has become more about why we all found out about this in the first place. If Lisa knew that Dorit had no ill intent, then it should have been a private matter. The people at Vanderpump Dogs speak to Lisa daily. She certainly told them Dorit’s story and explained that she had no bad intentions. That’s her good friend. So why bring the dog out? Why have it there? Why ask me if I recognize the dog? Plus, we all know that a misconstrued story like this can be extremely damaging.

Lisa Rinna Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Is Setting Up Dorit Kemsley

Please keep in mind that you are watching people you feel like you know because we are sharing what is going on in our lives with you. There will be times when each of us will do things you don’t agree with. But none of the women in this group are horrible people, no matter how much some people may want to believe otherwise. I ask you to watch the season play out and don’t rush to judge. We have only just begun.

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