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Kyle Richards: I Had to Be Honest

"It is not easy to say something to a close friend that you know they don’t want to hear."

By Kyle Richards
This Snorkeling Adventure Is Not What the 'Wives Were Expecting

We pick up again in the Bahamas. It really is such a beautiful place. The group split up to do different activities. It was really funny watching Teddi and Erika play golf, especially since I’m taking lessons currently and can relate. Well at least I can relate to Teddi. Let’s just say I’m more of a Teddi type of player. I may be hitting Erika up for some lessons soon. 

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Camille, Denise, Lisa Rinna, and Dorit all go snorkeling. The topic of Lucy and last night’s dinner comes up. Camille makes a valid point. The dog should have just gone back to Vanderpump Dog's. I understand that Dorit thought she found it a good home and told Lisa the following day, but things wouldn’t have been as messy as they are now if she had just given it back. 

And Denise is right. When adopting a dog, you have to find the right match for your family. Having small children with a dog that you don’t know anything about can be risky. 

But there are two issues at hand now. Dorit not giving the dog back AND the matter being "put out there” at Vanderpump Dogs by the people that Lisa works with . 

It seems like it was a passive aggressive move on Lisa’s part. Maybe because she didn’t want to rock the boat with Dorit and PK she acted like the matter was put to rest, but it clearly was not. The fact that Lisa and Dorit are so close made it more difficult to swallow. If Lisa knew Dorit didn’t have bad intentions like she keeps saying, then why did John Sessa bring it up at Vanderpump Dogs? 

Rest assured Lisa and John Sessa had many conversations regarding this matter prior to us going to Vanderpump Dogs. Lisa and John are very close. The fact that it was  brought up at Vanderpump Dogs left Dorit vulnerable to dog activists getting the story wrong and going after her, which in turn could be very damaging. 

Yes, I did bring up the dog last week because we discuss what is going on in our group. That had been a main topic of conversation since they told us about it at Vanderpump Dogs. Just like Dorit told Erika about the dog and Dorit and Lisa V talked about it at lunch with Ken and PK . 

At lunch with Lisa I am honest with her about what I think about the situation. That Lisa, instead of being forthcoming to Dorit, had this information given to Teddi (and me ) hoping we would “go after “ Dorit about it since Teddi and I were not in a great place with Dorit. Lisa first denies that then later feigns confusion saying “how could I tell Dorit that Teddi instigated the conversation when it was John? And John was out of order.” This is a classic Lisa V move. Trying to twist the conversation in hopes of confusing you and changing the narrative . 

That is not what I had said. Clearly I meant going forward she hoped Teddi would “out” Dorit. NOT that Lisa said Teddi instigated the story at Vanderpump Dogs. Lisa knew exactly what I was saying. It is not easy to say something to a close friend that you know they don’t want to hear. But I had to be honest . Then when I said I thought that this all happened because Lisa was upset with Dorit she replied, “Why would I be upset with Dorit?” Um, helloooo. The dog?? She then uses the example of the baby flamingos and John Sessa feeling like a parent to the dogs. So are you mad or not? I think all of this could be resolved sooner if she just came out and said that. 

But here we are. A total mess of a situation that feels heavy now. 

Before we go to dinner, Teddi and Lisa V have a  conversation in Lisa V’s and Dorit’s room. Teddi tells Lisa about the texts messages. 

Lisa then basically admits what we had been saying all along. Yes, she told Dorit that “Teddi knew,” because she thought Teddi would use it against her considering their history and that Dorit should “get in front of it.” This totally contradicted what she said to me at lunch.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Is Not Going to Pretend Everything Is OK

Later at dinner it seems we all have high hopes for a fun night. When Lisa V and Dorit arrived, their mood seemed off. You could cut the tension with a knife. There were a lot of cross conversations going on, but I was preoccupied getting my watch delivered to me before the store closed (because I was leaving at 4 am) and before my husband changed his mind. When Teddi voiced what she was feeling and then Dorit said she believed Teddi, that was it for Lisa V. Lisa announced she was leaving because nobody was paying attention to her. I felt bad and chased after her. I tried to get her to stay but realized she really wasn’t in the mood to be there. 

After Lisa V left, Lisa Rinna turned to me for some answers. I didn’t like being put in that position. Lisa V and I have been close for many years. We have had our ups and downs. But answering questions about why Lisa had done certain things felt like I was talking behind her back. I think the others read that as me not being honest. I do have strong opinions about what happened during the events that were being talked about, but I didn’t feel I had to answer questions about Lisa Vanderpump that they could ask her personally. I tried explaining that with friends you take the good with the bad. And hopefully the good outweighs the bad and that nobody is perfect. We are all flawed. I understand the frustration, but at this point I wanted to move on and try to have fun. 

The rest of the group headed out to a club after dinner. Like I I said, “we were overserved.” I love that expression. Removes you from any responsibility for your actions. Seems to be a common theme lately. 

Ken Todd Calls Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave "a F---ing Liar"

Back in LA, Ken shows Lisa V the printed out text messages between Teddi and John Blizzard. These text messages seemingly implicate Teddi. But there is much more to this story ...

Stay tuned. 

Until next week…

XO, Kyle 

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