Lisa Rinna: An Open Letter to Lois 

"I am in awe of my mom and her strength, her courage, and her light."

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Lisa Rinna Reveals the Details of Her Mom's Near-Death Experience With a Serial Killer
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To My Courageous Mama,

You are a ray of light, hope, and bravery. Not only to Delilah, Amelia, and me but to everyone around you. The way you have carried yourself through life despite everything you have been through is a true inspiration.

When I think about the horror and trauma you went through as a victim of serial killer David Carpenter and how you managed to push forward with such positivity and grace, it’s nearly impossible for me to describe the amount of pride I have to be your daughter. I hope you realize the great impact you have had on so many others to find the strength to share their own story.

I am in awe of my mom and her strength, her courage, and her light. She never gave up, she never gave in. She is the strongest, kindest, most generous loving human I have ever known. She is the wind beneath my wings. I am so happy to be able to share her with the world and after this episode may you all be better off just by witnessing her beauty, grace, humor, and strength.

I love you with all of my heart.



To all abuse victims and survivors out there: 

I hear you. I support you. And I believe you. 

I’m hopeful that my mom’s story, my beautiful friend Robin’s story that she shared for the first time that evening, and so much more has helped you to feel not so alone. My hope is you can feel empowered to not only share your story but to know that you are loved and supported. 

Thank you all for being an inspiration.

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