Is It Safe to Leave Butter out on the Kitchen Counter? Let's Settle This RHOBH Marital Debate

Is It Safe to Leave Butter out on the Kitchen Counter? Let's Settle This RHOBH Marital Debate

Lisa Rinna says leaving butter out could lead to Salmonella. Harry Hamlin begs to differ. So, who's right?

By Jenny Berg

As we all know, Lisa Rinna is germ adverse. OK, so no one likes germs, but Lisa's propensity for germ-free surfaces has made her a V.I.P. customer of disinfectant wipes. (Seriously: If you keep up with Lisa's Instagram Stories, you'll know that Clorox once sent her some bedazzled swag.) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom also has some feelings on proper butter storage, which came up on last night's episode. But is she right? Let's review: 

While Lisa and her husband, Harry Hamlin, were preparing dinner at home, Lisa picked up a butter dish from the kitchen counter. "You like this butter left out? I feel like that's just not right," she said. When Harry replied, "It has to be left out," Lisa threw down the gauntlet. "No but, Harry, I feel like it's gonna have Salmonella or something."

So, who's right? Let's settle this marital debate! 

Behold, our highly scientific research: The FDA put out a report stating that butter is not a Time/Temperature Controlled (TCS) for Safety Food. Foods in that category can be dangerous to eat if not stored at the appropriate temperature for the proper amount of time. So, for example, some dairy foods have to be thrown out if they're left in a temperature of 41 degrees or higher for more than four hours. 

However, since pasteurized butter is not a TCS food, it's not dangerous to eat if it's been left out for more than four hours. There are some caveats, though: The butter should be stored in a covered dish, and eaten within a few days. (Let's not get crazy, here.)

It looks like Harry won this round! Also, room-temperature butter just tastes better. So really, we're all winners here. 

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