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Behind the Episode 915

S9/EP52 |
Aired: July 2, 2019
Catch a special episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featuring additional content, exclusive fun facts and behind-the-scenes insight from the producers and stars of the show. 43:24

Reunion Part 3

S9/EP24 |
Aired: July 30, 2019
The reunion concludes with the fallout over Camille’s dramatic storm-off. Teddi and Denise face a volatile foe. A tearful Kyle reflects on the end of her long friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. 44:23

Reunion Part 2

S9/EP23 |
Aired: July 23, 2019
Andy holds Teddi accountable for her role in Puppygate. Dorit, Erika and Kyle defend themselves when tabloid headlines are brought into question. Unresolved emotions between Camille and the ladies come to a shocking climax. 44:23

Reunion Part 1

S9/EP22 |
Aired: July 16, 2019
The women gather to settle their grievances, but are faced with a stunning no-show from Lisa Vanderpump, which sets Kyle off. An emotional Denise reflects on her roller-coaster year, but her comments draw Camille’s ire. 44:23

Hurricane Camille

S9/EP21 |
Aired: July 9, 2019
When Kyle hosts a party to celebrate the family business, an emotionally fragile Camille is eager to settle the score with Teddi, Dorit and Lisa Rinna. Denise tries to play peacemaker but ends up losing her cool. 44:24

Un Petit Hangover

S9/EP20 |
Aired: June 25, 2019
Lisa Rinna encourages Kyle and Teddi to do damage control with Erika. Dorit reveals her first window display for Beverly Beach, but the celebration is short-lived when Camille has a reveal of her own: her true feelings about Dorit. 44:24

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Next on RHOBH: Reunion Part 3
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Next on RHOBH: Reunion Part 3

S9/EP24 Camille Grammer rejoins the ladies on the couches and tells everyone why she's so hurt.