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Stephanie Hollman & Kameron Westcott's Electrode Suit Workout, Explained

We've got the answers to all your questions about the electronic fitness suits the Dallas Housewives wore for their workout.

Stephanie Kameron Electrode Suits Promote

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman and Kameron Westcott introduced Kary Brittingham to Ninety20, which is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) full body workout. Stephanie explained that it's "this insane workout" that makes you feel like you are “having a baby,” but it only takes 20 minutes to get a 90 minute gym quality workout. Kameron noted that she loves it because it's quick and they “are so freaking busy.” The best part? The suit you're hooked up to does most of the work for you!

Kary was a little weary watching the process from the sidelines at first, and wondered if they were going to put the electrodes "on your vagina too,” thinking it would cause “multiple orgasms” from the stimulation. And while that didn't happen, she did mention that it was “torture" and she felt like she was "being electrocuted,” which really was just code for a really good muscles workout. After all, Kameron noted, “Beauty is pain!”

Stephanie Kameron Electrode Suits 02

So how exactly does this all work? The Lookbook spoke to the owner and trainer of Ninety20, Trent Michel, to learn more about the EMS workout he did with Stephanie, Kameron, and Kary! 

What exactly does the electrode suit do?

Trent Michel: Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, is a full body workout that targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Literally every muscle from your neck to your knees is being targeted and contracted when you are using the suit. 

Stephanie Kameron Electrode Suits 03

Why is it more effective than exercising regularly?

A traditional workout may only use 50 percent of your muscles, whereas EMS engages up to 98 percent. This means EMS workouts are very time efficient, hence a 20-minute EMS workout can be the equivalent of a normal 90-minute conventional gym session. Also, because it’s in and out in 20 minutes, people can do it whenever they can fit it in.

Does it hurt?

No, EMS training is not painful, but the sensation of the electrical current stimulating your muscles is unusual. It can’t hurt or damage your organs; it’s just an intense workout. You've never had the sensation of all your muscles being contracted at once, but most people get used to it very quickly.

What is the cost of a session?

The first trial session costs $20 and takes around 40 to 60 minutes. It consists of an initial consultation where the trainer will discuss your lifestyle, goals and potential injuries, followed by a customized 20-minute EMS workout. Single sessions are $90 and 4 sessions are $80 /workout. We also offer private and partner sessions.

Is it similar to Emsculpt?

Yes, it’s similar and uses the same science behind it. Emsculpt only works on your core or glutes though, and you just lay there on the table. The difference with this workout is that you are moving around and it’s targeting your whole body. It’s also a lot less expensive than Emsculpt.

How long does it take to see results?

Noticeable results can be seen after only 4 sessions, or less depending on your lifestyle.

How often should you get it done?

EMS is not something you would do every day. Most clients do it once a week and you get really good results from it. Twice a week is the max — someone who is sedentary and doesn't work out at all would want to do it twice a week. The more active you are, the less you would use it. It’s more supplemental to the other workouts. It’s not something you would do to replace your other workouts.

Any downtime after?

EMS is an intense workout, so I tell people to give yourself a good 24 hours for recovery after our workout. I'm an avid runner and I did an EMS workout this morning and I'm going to go do a three mile run later. But I won’t go to the gym or do any weights for a day and a half to two days after, to let your muscles recover. You wouldn't do a full body weight session every day.

Stephanie Kameron Electrode Suits 01

How did you come up with this idea?

Funny story, my wife actually discovered the workout on Instagram from following the Ladies Of London! We happened to be in London and booked an appointment at the studio to try it. After one workout we fell in love and wanted to bring it to the US — we did a little research and five months later, we had our own studio open!

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