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Brandi Redmond on Her Husband Asking for a Divorce

Brandi opens up about her husband dropping the d-word and what she thinks about Mark and Cary Deuber's marriage. 

By Brandi Redmond
Brandi Redmond's Husband Drops the D-Word

Being a Real Housewife is such an honor and I never imagined that I would share my life with the world. These women are brave, bold, and all a little crazy for putting ourselves out there to be judged. What I have loved most are the fans. Your support is EVERYTHING so again, thank you.

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I want to start by addressing the school that my girls attended. First, to make sure the clarification is known that the school my girls attended was not a Catholic school. Second at this Christian Academy, my girls had the most amazing nurturing teachers and I thank them for loving my girls.   We wanted to respect the school and their choice to no longer partner with us to educate our children. I blamed myself for the decision that was made but after much prayer, I realized why am I blaming myself for being myself. I know I have a sense of humor that is not for everyone and I also know that I have made poor choices at times but with that, a choice was made based on me not my children. In the end, I know God has a plan and one thing is for sure and I hold this scripture close is Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you,” I have prayed this scripture with my girls so that they know, in life you may have ups and downs but GOD WILL never turn his back on you no matter the good, the bad, or ugly.

I went into the Reunion feeling calm and at peace. I felt that my relationship with all the ladies was in a good place. I didn’t want to stir the pot although things were popping in my head like crazy. I just felt that I was so lucky to be in a good place with everything in my life.

I want to touch on each lady and my opinion of this season as I reflect what we touched on at the reunion.

Tiffany Hendra and Marie Reyes' Screaming Match Over Civility

Tiffanycontinues to love and support Leeanne and I respect her for that. I think she takes care of business with her behind closed doors and not in a group setting. There is something admiral about that and kudos to her for being a good friend. I also think that Tiffany was so focused on cleaning up LeeAnne's messes and trying to convince us that LL is a good person that we didn’t get a chance to see more of her and I wish we did.

Cary and I have become great friends and I had never heard her background with Mark. I heard rumors in the past but not the truth. I was a little shocked over how close Mark and Cary got together after both breakups but that’s their business. I do think that if Bryan and I broke up and he was with someone so quickly it would break my heart even more. I do not know Mark’s ex so I have no idea what that situation was. I think Mark and Cary have a strong bond and work ethic. I love them as a couple and as my friends.

An #RHOD Reunion Hug Backfires on LeeAnne Locken

I will say that I was surprised at LeeAnne and Cary reconciling because LeeAnne took the initiative. I loved that they hashed it out and I love that Mark got asked if he needed a tampon. Hilarious! I wish I needed one, I’m still waiting for Aunt Flow to arrive. Ha! It was great for Cary to finally address the rumors and Leeanne over the topic.

Moving on to my relationship with Bryan. Bryan was extremely hurt and angry when I shared the news of my going and behavior at the strip club. He was so angry that he told me he wanted a divorce. I can only imagine how mad he was because he never uses the D word. He is a very positive uplifting person and does not get angry or raise his voice often. If I say the D word, he knows its not serious and it’s a pet peeve of his that I throw it out so loosely when I’m upset. I knew I hurt him when he told me he wanted a divorce and in return he hurt me by saying that. A divorce is not something I ever want and will fight for my marriage. I was open with sharing this part of my life because I realized how much the word divorce hurts.

Reliving these moments of my life with Bryan were hard and watching the journey I went through with my family and even LeeAnne allowed me to learn more about myself. I don’t regret the journey but have embraced this opportunity as a gift.

I see LeeAnne as someone who is so wounded from her past that every turn she makes reminds her of being a victim. I feel her sharing her story gives her a sense of therapeutic relief. It is exhausting when someone always has a story to go with everyone else’s but I realize that’s just LeeAnne. I can't wait to tell her about the time I ate a booger once to hear her story! LMAO I will say I was proud of LeeAnne at the Reunion for admitting her wrongs and taking ownership and giving apologies where due. She and Rich are a very sweet couple without all the drama. She is lucky to have someone stick by her and make her feel so secure after everything she has been through. I also love Leeannes passion for animals. I think this is something that she is so connected with because she rescues them just like she needed to be rescued from her past. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for LeeAnne.

Marie Reyes Took Out Restraining Order on LeeAnne Locken

I hate to bring up the poop talk again, but I about fell over when Leeanne admitted the story and it wasn’t a bag but in a basket.Andy was right that it was one the craziest conversations. Oh a tisket a tasket a pooping basket! Ha-ha I love it and I know I’m immature…I own it!

Finally I saw Stephanie Hollman step out and find her voice through this journey. I’ve never seen her more confident than she is now. This rollercoaster would not have been the same without her and I have much love for her and her family and again I thank her for her friendship and loyalty. We aren’t just friends but family!
Before I close I want to thank my family, friends and fans for their love and support. This journey wouldn’t be the same without all of you and you know who you are…love you all

To my Castmates: TEAMRHOD, I want to remind yall that being on a team, all positions are important, it doesn’t matter where you sit, stand or hold a star. It takes a team to finish and we did it ladies! Love yall!

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