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Cary on That Moment She Walked Out of the Reunion

Cary explains she was "utterly overwhelmed" by the rumors as she walked out of the Reunion in tears so strong her eyelash fell off. 

By Cary Deuber
Cary Deuber Walks Out of the Reunion in Tears

Thank you all so much for watching this season of RHOD! It has been a learning experience that I will never forget! I am happy that I was a part of this ensemble cast. I tried my best to be completely honest and raw and gave 100%.

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The Reunion was such a hard day for me. It was over a year of pent up emotion that needed to be aired. I was so done with the negativity and lies that went down over the season. When Andy got to my marriage with Mark, I lost it. The anger I felt about the gossip and lies that had been going on behind my back had come to a head and turned to tears. The story that LeeAnne told was one that I had never even heard. I got so emotional talking about my husband because I love him so much and he is such a good person. Obviously, his reaction makes it clear that he has also really been affected by all that was said, too. Thankfully, one therapy session with Andy Cohen got out a year and a half’s worth of gossip and lies that I had tried to coax out for quite some time...but I digress...

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The moment that I walked off set I was utterly overwhelmed…I was crying so hard my right eyelash fell off and I had snot dripping down my face…I really don’t love my cry face (especially for public viewing). I just needed to regain my composure. After I got that out, I felt better. I’m so thankful I got everything on the table and out in the open.

Rather than rehash anything else negative, I would like to focus on the positives that were also out there in full view. My amazing cast mates have some truly wonderful qualities:

Stephanie: Heart of gold. This woman is smart as a whip and classy as the day is long. She has been the voice of reason and a shoulder to cry on. This experience has brought me this amazing woman and for that I am grateful. I know she will be a lifelong friend that I trust and adore.

Brandi: Hilarious and honorable. I have found a friend that can calm my fears and make me laugh. She is truly a blessing and the girl I want to bring on a girls weekend for life! I love spending time with her and find her to be very entertaining.

Tiffany: Loyal and genuine. A beautiful women that is an inspiration. Loyal to a fault, but understandably so. I hope to continue to get to know her for who she is.

LeeAnne: Strong and giving. I feel for her and her struggles in life. I can truly understand where that angry little girl comes from. I pray that she continues on her road to healing. It is a long road but in the end I hope it leads to fulfillment and happiness. While there will probably still be great challenges, I am optimistic that we have a real opportunity for a meaningful future relationship.

There were many ups and downs this season but I am glad you saw it all. That is the reality. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns but it is real. Thank you again! Sending you all love and light.

Cary Christensen Deuber

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