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Cary on That Sexy Photo Shoot

Cary Deuber discusses why her husband drives her crazy - and what her wardrobe would look like without his stylist expertise. 

By Cary Deuber
Boobs by Deubs: Cary Let's it All Hang Out

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed episode 6! Here are my thoughts:

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Obviously my husband is a talented stylist, artist, plastic surgeon, husband, and photographer! Really anything artsy is his forte! It makes me so proud but at the same time it can be a little hard to be married to someone who is right all the time! It can make me crazy! I am so lucky though because if I need advice he is usually there with me and is right!! If Mark didn't shop for me I would have a bunch of random clothes from Target mixed with YSL’s and gorgeous handbags. (I do love my shoes and handbags!) The highlight of being married to Mark is that he is my best friend. He loves me so much and I love him. We do fight like all couples but it makes us grow in our relationship.

When I say that you have to “mold” your husband, I really mean you have to mold the both of you together. I think in today’s world it is hard for couples to grow together. It is very easy to grow apart. We work on our relationship everyday and it is “work.” There are always days that you want to throw in the towel but you have to power through and learn. Every day in a relationship is a learning opportunity about the other person and about yourself. Take advantage of that...It will make you a better person and both of you a stronger couple!

The photo shoot was fun especially with Mark and Courtney helping me! I don't feel super sexy I front of the camera. I think I am just embarrassed sometimes! It feels awkward but I have gotten better! Mark takes pictures so often that I'm used to it now! I feel silly because I’m not a model. However, Mark and I like our website to be personalized. I don’t like the stock photos that doctors use on their websites because that isn't real life. They are beautiful but I think it is nice to have something more personal when you own your own business. Our practice is like a family and we want our patients to feel at home. Mark is a talented photographer so why not use his work! Also some good news for me...I finally got him to lightly retouch some of my photos! I do understand that he is more artistic and enjoys a photo that is not uber retouched. And some people use WAY too much Photoshop. I think a tiny bit is good just to soften things but not to make you look like a different person. I do like the photos he put on our website. It is a combination of our honeymoon pictures and this photoshoot. Check it out at

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