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Tiffany: Thanks For Hanging In Through All the Poop Talk

The Dallas 'Wife is still scratching her head over why her bestie LeeAnne had to have a sit down with Cary and Stephanie. 

By Tiffany Hendra
If You Bow at LeeAnne, She'll Bow Back

Happy Episode 3… or maybe "happy" isn't the best word choice. This episode was definitely an emotional roller coaster which has left me a bit dizzy. Lots of loop-di-loops! Thanks for hanging in there with us through all the poop talk. First off, I'm still scratching my head a bit and not totally sure why LeeAnne felt like she needed to have a sit down with Cary and Stephanie. If she felt convicted to educate the girls on proper etiquette at a charity event then that's her prerogative. She loves the charity world here and wants to protect it. I get that. I've been gone for so long and wasn't present to experience all the hard work LeeAnne's put into building her reputation in the charity world. She knows both Cary and Stephanie are active in the Dallas charity world so maybe she feels she needs to give them a heads up because there may be some repercussions from Mad Hatter's. Not quite sure. I would just mind my own business, but that's me. 

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Speaking of charity (again), we've been wanting to throw a charity concert for a while. We had a few small ones in LA and Aaron has done several charity concerts and motorcycle charity runs up in Pennsylvania where our friend, Sam Childers aka Machinegun Preacher lives. But I've never actually put it all together and definitely not to the level Dallas does it. Learning how important it is, as a resident of Dallas, that you maintain a certain level of philanthropy I thought it was a no brainer to combine introducing Dallas to Aaron's music with the work we do in Africa. I was so glad he was on board with the idea! I've met so many amazing people in Dallas, but when we first moved here I got the side eye, the up and down, the fake greeting. Even our dear friend Cynthia Smoot was a bit cold to me at first. We laugh about it now! She was like who is this new chick who's out on the scene with LeeAnne all the time? Being the new girl in town at 43 made me feel like I was 16 transferring to a new high school. Awkward. More so than "respect", I just wanted people to see what Aaron and I were all about. My husband is a true humanitarian. The respect will naturally come. 

Because of the years of struggle and healing, I've learned that I have to surround myself with healthy friends who elevate my life not bring drama to it. Aaron knows this about me and ultimately, he's the one who gets the brunt of the drama because he's my sounding board. As much as I try to shield him from any toxicity, he knows when I'm carrying too much on my shoulders and bless his heart- he listens to me bitch about it. So maybe his recommending I get new friends is actually for his own sanity! He wanted to bring me home to be around my friends and family so I know it's hard for him to see me stressed about all the drama. That's NOT what we came back to Texas for. 

How hilarious are Cary and Mark? I was excited when they agreed to film a Sanctuary Of Style video in her closet. I was so shocked that Mark knew where every one of her dresses were hanging and who the designer was. SAY WHAT? I would love it if Aaron would come home on a random day with a badass Roberto Cavalli dress. I had never filmed with a couple and Mark basically took over and hosted my show. That was a first for sure! Aaron and Mark actually have a few things in common. Aaron's also great in the kitchen and has great taste in clothes. I never leave the house without getting his OK on my outfit.

You Don't Even Effing Know LeeAnne Locken, Bitch

It didn't seem like much was accomplished at LeeAnne's lunch with Cary and Stephanie. Cary and LeeAnne were cutting each other off- which is my biggest pet peeve - and it didn't seem like anyone really got their point across. I did respect Stephanie for saying what she said about her friendship with Brandi. I feel like I say the same thing about LeeAnne all the time to people who question her to me. It's just silly that people in the charity world would judge Stephanie because her bestie wore a questionable (but hilarious) hat rather than for her heart and charitable giving. I totally understand what LeeAnne is saying about etiquette and being respectful in social settings, but is the poop hat situation really all that important? I'm pretty bored with it at this point. Yaaawwwn. Again, I think we're still dealing with the aftershocks from the confrontation at Marie's house. 

Thanks for listening! I know we are all so ready to "flush" the poop saga and move on. 

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Love & Ladyballs,


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