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Stephanie: Jesus Take the Wheel!

"True value comes from your heart, not your real estate," says Stephanie.

By Stephanie Hollman
LeeAnne Calls Cary a See You Next Tuesday

I applaud D’Andra Simmons for making an effort to get us all together to clear the air on some topics that have been circulating around the group for a while. It is very clear to see that tension, miscommunication and hurt feelings have drawn a divide in the group. I went into the Honest-tea thinking that this was either going to go really well or really bad. I actually didn’t even receive a formal invitation to the tea until a few days prior, so I was more impressed with myself for getting my outfit and fascinator together in time! If it was all about to hit the fan, I wanted to at least do it in style, right?

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Now, by this point I think it is safe to say that you know Brandi Redmond and I are not “high society” ladies whatsoever. Our luncheons are typically held at Chick-Fil-A and and I always have two handsome little men as my date that are eagerly wanting to finish their food so they can play on the playground. I do love a good excuse to play dress up, so I was up for the challenge! We got our costumes on, popped a bottle of champagne, and even rented a fancy limo. You can’t say we didn’t try!

I think Kameron Westcott’s excuse for not having anything in common with us based on zip code is ridiculous. If you only have something in common with the one percenters that live in your zip code, you’re missing out on the other 99% of great people in the world. If she looked a little deeper, she would realize that we actually have a lot in common. Hell, we both have boys names Cruz/Cruise! The same people you’re trying to impress, will they be the same people that are there for you if you lose everything? Probably not. True value comes from your heart, not your real estate.

In my opinion, I feel like there is never an excuse to use the c-word! That is not a word that you will ever hear come out of my mouth because I do not believe that there is ever an excuse to use that word in a conversation. And LeeAnne Locken’s confused as to why she’s not allowed in Brandi’s home? I don’t blame Cary Deuber for getting up and walking away in that situation for two reasons: 1) Because I would have done the same thing. I feel as though calling someone the c-word is the ultimate form of disrespect. And 2) The same way that LeeAnne was trying to get a reaction out of me at the Halloween party, she was also trying to do to Cary in this situation. She thought that if she went low, Cary would go lower, but that just goes to show she does not know Cary Deuber. This whole situation threw me for a loop because I thought they were on the road to reconciliation!

I want to touch on another subject that was brought up during the tea that disturbed me. LeeAnne’s friend told Brandi that Mark is gay!? I think Cary’s reaction was spot on: ”Bitch, please!” For someone to try and use the term “gay” in a negative or derogatory way is completely offensive and 100% inexcusable. The Deubers are huge advocates of the LGBT community, and for someone to try and start this rumor about Mark is very strange to me! Plus, have you met Cary? She is the only queen in that castle, and she is not sharing her throne.

D’Andra asked a great question during the tea — why didn’t I kick LeeAnne out of my house for dressing up as me during my Halloween Party? I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to give her what she wanted in that moment. But when I asked LeeAnne why Brandi and I’s friendship should determine whether or not she is mean to me, she starts crying and talking about her past? WHAT? D’Andra’s reaction was spot in my opinion because when backed up into a corner without an answer to give, instead of apologizing, she avoids the topic and turns the conversation back to how she is a victim. If there was a third glass within arm’s reach in that moment, I would have grabbed that too! Jesus take the wheel!

I don’t know if we could really say that the air was cleared with this Honest-tea, but the one good thing that did come out of it was a vacation to Mexico! I am always up for an impromptu beach vacation, and even though we aren’t all on the best of terms, I feel like there is some hope for us. Mexico might be just what we need right now, and if Cary is planning the trip, then I’m in! The Deubers always travel in style, so I know this is going to be a fabulous trip!

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