Brandi Redmond: I Don't Know What the Motive Was Behind That Video

Brandi Redmond: I Don't Know What the Motive Was Behind That Video

"I am tired of being the only one that tells it to LeeAnne like it is."

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Thank you for tuning in for another week of fun in Copenhagen!

Can someone please get LeeAnne an Emmy nomination for the amazing performance that she gave about my “wicked witch” comment? She has been playing this victim role so well for so long, it really is a shame she hasn’t been recognized for her efforts. It is early in the morning, some of us haven’t had our coffee yet, and you're mad that I don't want to start my day by talking about our relationship? Every other day in Copenhagen has been just peachy, excuse me for not wanting to sit through another one-sided conversation about how unfairly you are treated while I stir my creamer.

LeeAnne, my girls storm off into their rooms and cry (or pretend to cry in your case) when I don't give them what they want too. This is a game that I know all too well. You got the attention of Stephanie and Kameron, but that is not a game that I play. LeeAnne expressed that she was upset because I am still mad at her, and Stephanie quickly informed her that my frustration lies in the alcoholic comment and how she handled that situation from the night before. Instead of addressing where she went wrong, LeeAnne takes another page out of my 9-year-old's playbook and shifts the heat to someone else to further prove how she is a victim of unjust treatment. You have called me names ALL season long. I make one little joke and all of a sudden your world comes crashing down? Bitch, please—peddle along!

Later that day, Cary presented us all with little Danish girl outfits to wear to Tivoli Gardens—now you are speaking my language. I will put on a ridiculous costume and ride some rides all day long. That is my idea of fun! I expressed to LeeAnne that I was still agitated and angry, because it is a constant cycle with her, and I know that her tricks don't sit idle for long. In fact, it wasn’t even 24 hours before she pulled another trick out of her sleeve with the phone. If you think I am going to apologize for the witch comment after months and months of slander, you’re wrong. The apologies don't hold weight when the bitch switch stays on. 

The next day, Mark whipped out his wiener and LeeAnne whipped out her phone. I don't know which was more disturbing. Let me start by reiterating something that Kameron mentioned in tonight’s episode: WE ARE FILMING A REALITY TV SHOW! We have four PROFESSIONAL cameramen and women. Why in the world do you think I would believe that you are recording this video for “posterity”? If I want to relive that, I AM GOING TO WATCH OUR SHOW! I trust our crew to edit and censor the video that they take, because I know the footage is in good hands, but I damn sure don't trust you! I don't know what the motive was behind that video, but this is just another example of the games she plays. Bitch Switch: On! I guarantee you that if I didn’t make a big deal about the video, her phone would have somehow gotten “hacked” and that video would be floating around the internet right now. LeeAnne thinks I'm agitated that she hasn’t broken a glass or blown up on anybody, but I am simply just agitated at everything that she has been doing and saying all year long. I don't believe there is an “old LeeAnne” because all I have ever seen is the same LeeAnne that I have always known. You can only hide behind that curtain for so long before it falls, and boy do those strings look loose! 

I am annoyed with the rest of the girls because while I am speaking up to protect myself, I am not the only one that was naked in the ocean. Kameron cannot honestly tell me that if she had gotten naked, and I would have been the one recording the video that she would be okay with that. Really girl, really? I am tired of being the only one that tells it to LeeAnne like it is. I know I am not the only one that doesn’t trust her, but I sure was the only one that spoke up at that table. Honesty is the best policy and at that moment I honestly felt like they were all being a bunch of fake bitches!

Love Y'all 


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