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Brandi Redmond: It’s Not Fun to Stand Up to a Bully

Brandi wishes her fellow 'Wives would show her more support instead of sitting "quietly on the sidelines."


By Brandi Redmond
Did LeeAnne Locken Hack Into Brandi Redmond's Cell Phone?

I have never been so happy to be home from a girls' trip! 

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I don't know if I am more pissed at LeeAnne for playing this game or at everyone else for pretending to buy it. Thanks for not throwing a wine glass at me or threatening to kill someone again, but that doesn’t excuse all of the sh-- talking that goes on behind everyone's back. Why am I being attacked for sharing my feelings TO HER FACE but she is praised for keeping her mouth shut and only spreading rumors about me behind my back? How is that fair?

Stephanie Hollman Feels Stuck in the Middle

I will tell you, what isn’t fair is that I am the only one at this table calling out what we ALL have seen all year long! Stephanie, D’Andra, and Cary are sitting pretty, keeping their mouths shut. Kameron has appointed herself as LeeAnne’s public defendant, and LeeAnne is embracing the role that she has been perfecting all season long— the victim. She has talked about people's marriages, finances, children, and called me an alcoholic, but now that she bangs on a bowl we have a new LeeAnne? No, we have Regina George in sheep's clothing. 

I was not going to sit there and continue to be the only one that spoke up, so if they all want to pretend like I am the only one that sees an issue with what’s going on, then I am going to leave. We have ALL been in this place with LeeAnne at one point or another, so I am hurt that my friends didn’t have my back as I would them. It’s not fun to stand up to a bully, especially while your friends sit quietly on the sidelines.

What Happened to LeeAnne Locken's Cell Phone?

Later that night, LeeAnne’s phone was found at our hotel bar on a couch. After our dinner, I really had no desire to see her, but I thought I would do the right thing and return it to her. What do I get in return? An accusation that I stole her phone. I get it, she thinks that I would steal her phone because that’s something that she would do, but one thing that I pride myself on is being nothing like her. On top of that, she’s now telling people that she cloned my phone? Seriously!? Using your fiancé’s police access as a threat is absolutely disgusting and an abuse of power. But I guess I should be the one thanking her because she just proved the point that I was making at dinner. Do you ladies still not see it? 

Tune in next week to see what happens when push comes to shove for our season finale! 



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