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LeeAnne Locken: Do I Have Trust Issues With Brandi? Hell Yes!

Did LeeAnne clone Brandi's phone? LeeAnne demystifies "phone gate."

By LeeAnne Locken
Stephanie Hollman Feels Stuck in the Middle

Let’s begin where we left off at the “Last Supper of Copenhagen.”

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Brandi is ALWAYS going to find a reason to hate me! It’s her automatic response to me every time! When she announces that no one at the table trusts me, it falls flat on her, because most of the people at the table are working on just that! She is the lone wolf who refuses to see me for who I really am! When people don’t agree with her, she has to present the laundry list of my past behaviors. Have you noticed how I never list off all the crappy things she has done? I don’t care to make the effort! OMG! I love when she says I talk behind her back! Bitch, wake up! What do you think you have been doing all season?

Kameron telling Brandi that I don’t go around talking about her is the truth! No one in my circle wants to talk about Brandi! Hell, no one knows her! We talk skincare, fashion, upcoming events, and our personal schedules! Brandi doesn’t enter my thoughts on a weekly basis much less daily!

Her list of bad behavior:

Talking about peoples marriages…Brandi did too!

Talking about was innocent and not about you!

Adopting the baby to save your marriage...again, it is an example!

Finally, the alcoholic to prove me wrong you get white girl wasted?

And now the truth comes out of her mouth: “I fucking despise you!”

Let me give you the definition of despise so we can all see it clearly. "To look down on with contempt or aversion” and "to regard as negligible, worthless, or distasteful.” Do you see what I have been saying? She has no desire to try with me! She is set in her old school ex-cheerleader ways, and she is not budging!

Brandi claiming that everyone is scared of me is complete bullsh--! Do you want to know who they are really afraid of? Brandi! She is a mean girl who will attack you so far below the belt, it will take you weeks to regain your breath! Why do you think Stephanie never corrects her? Not even her bestie wants to fight with her!

I am hurt that Stephanie only wants me to do better when she has an even bigger opportunity to teach Brandi! Brandi at this table tonight said so many hurtful things, and did she speak up? NO! You are right, Stephanie, but at some point you have to learn to balance the playing field with your teachings and opinions!

How long did D’Andra's choice to try and be a better friend to me last? Not longer than a commercial break from Love Connection! That’s two minutes and two seconds! When Brandi couldn’t reach Stephanie on the phone, she called D’andra. Of course D'Andra answers and says she’ll be right there! Hey Brandi, how many people do you think would have left the table if you called? No one? Exactly that! No one!

Brandi at the bar can be summed up in one sentence: Be on my side now! What’s upsetting is that Brandi is so powerful in her conviction of hurt and anger, but I am never allowed to have mine! Grow up!

Then D'Andra says when you have two friends it can’t be 50/50 and how Stephanie should give Brandi 75 percent because they have been longtime friends. Well, then why are you at this bar with Brandi? Shouldn't you be giving ME your 75 percent?!

What Happened to LeeAnne Locken's Cell Phone?

I am going to clearly state the situation with the phone so everyone can understand it. We went to a local restaurant for dinner and then decided to relax in our hotel bar with a nightcap before retiring. When I got up to grab my drink from the bar, my phone fell out of my jeans back pocket and landed in the chair. I think D'Andra saw it and told Brandi to grab it. When I decided to go to bed I couldn’t find my phone, and I asked Kameron to start calling it. It was on vibrate, so we never heard it, but she called it like 10 times! Kameron suggested it might be at the restaurant, so we called a cab, and I went back to the restaurant and crawled on the floor with two sweet girls looking for my phone. We couldn’t find it at the restaurant, so I went back to the hotel. I proceeded to look in the bar again. After not finding it, I gave up and went to my room. At this point, I was so sad, because I had no way to call home and check on my family. I lost all the fun pictures I took in Copenhagen. I was heartbroken! I went down to my little hole of a bedroom to wash my face and try to sleep.

After 20-30 minutes of being in the room, Brandi knocked on the upstairs door and handed Kameron my phone. Here is where I have a problem… How was anyone sure it was my phone? My screensaver is not something Brandi or D'Andra would associate with me! Also, there were no missed calls, no text messages, or anything on the screen (Remember, Kam called at least 10 times)! Do I have trust issues with Brandi? HELL YES! She just attacked me for a solid day over filming the ocean jump! Naturally, I assumed she stole my phone to try and hack into it for one of two reasons: 1) to make sure the video was deleted or 2) to grab a compromising pic from my phone to have over me! Neither that I would put past her!

I decided to teach that ginger a lesson! I told D’andra whoever took my phone tried to get into it, because there were no missed calls. I told her that after the several attempts of trying to hack into my phone, not only does the iPhone freeze, I have a spy app that clones the nearest phone! So whoever stole my phone, I have a cloned version of their phone! 

Here’s my logic: If Brandi didn’t steal my phone, she has nothing to worry about! I didn’t say I cloned her phone. I said the person who stole it! 

Next morning, all the girls were put on an earlier flight than me, so I flew home by myself. First class this time, and they were right: the only way to go overseas! LOL. 

Yaassss! Fashion show Day is here! Finally, we are LAUNCHING the ultimate little black dress, L’Infinity! A huge thank you to all the wonderful friends who helped me with the sneak preview fashion show! This is something I have had stuck in my mind for over 15 years and’s here! I want to be very clear that I am NOT a designer! Just a woman who loves to help other women! I hope this dress is the answer to the age old question...what do I wear tonight?!

From back in my modeling days, most runway shows had a “bride” at the end of the fashion show. The designers' “concept creation” that was over the top and rarely made. I decided to bring that back by being my own bride in my own fashion show! LOL, because I love to be silly and over the top like that sometimes! 

Regarding D'Andra’s comments about “jabs at her"...bitch, it ain't about you! Why do you think everything is about you? Was the Queen Bee comment by Jeanette a jab? 100 percent! She is tired of you making me feel sad! But me doing this bride dress was supposed to be light-hearted and FUN! 

Did LeeAnne Locken Hack Into Brandi Redmond's Cell Phone?

Now back to “phone gate” and the other person who thinks everything I do and say is about her! It’s so obvious how poorly Brandi talks about me at home by the fact that her six-year-old daughter talks crap about me! 

My comment to D'Andra that “if we weren’t talking I wouldn’t have invited you” was just me speaking logic. I am not talking to Brandi, so therefore she was not invited. How D'Andra twists this into something strange and bad is beyond! It’s simple logic! 

Don't Steal LeeAnne Locken's F---ing Phone!

She stole my phone, so now I will be the one who gets yelled at in this group for teaching her a lesson! I am so over the imbalance in this group! When Brandi does bad stuff, it gets ignored. When D'Andra attacked me, it gets ignored. I cough and they are ready to nail me to the wall! It’s like I’m a tightrope walker and D'Andra and Brandi get to be at either end of the rope to shake it, but the only thing that will be judged is if I fall! Completely unfair! It makes me feel defeated and ALONE!

Well, that’s all I have for ya this week! Until next week's season finale, find me on social media and let’s chat!

Love LeeAnne

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