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LeeAnne Locken: You Can't Start an Argument and Be the Victim

It hurts me to know that I am still the bad guy in Stephanie’s eye.

By LeeAnne Locken
LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond's Feud Comes to a Head

Welcome to my last blog of the season! I want to say THANK YOU for reading these and for supporting me on social media. This journey hasn’t been easy, but it has always been worth it! I have learned so much about myself and grown because I was challenged. It has meant the world to share these last three years with all of you, and no matter what the future holds, always remember-YOU, the viewers, made my life happier!
Watching Rich and I tour the Cathedral of Hope brings tears to my eyes! Happy tears of joy that the thing that I have waited for my whole life is actually happening! I’M GETTING MARRIED! Listening to Rich make jokes the whole time is one of the many reasons I love him so much! He makes me laugh! He always has! 
One of the many reasons I feel so at home in my LGBTQ community is because I understand what it's like to be called different, to be unwelcomed, and to be judged for no reason! This church is about acceptance! Because in a world filled with so much hatred, love should always win!
April 27, 2019 we will be getting married! Sound the bells! Call the media! It's happening!
Now to wrap up last weeks #clonegate. In case you missed my blog, which came out two days ago, I never said I cloned “Brandi’s phone”! I said whoever took my phone, when they tried to hack in to it, it shut down and cloned the phone of the person who stole mine! See! It was a perfect trap! If Brandi didn’t take my phone, she has no reason to be upset! So why is she soooo upset?!
I love how Brandi is telling Stephanie there is only so many times she can forgive me when she has just as much for me to forgive her for! It’s a two-way street. Until she can take responsibility for her side of the street, she’s right, we don’t have much to talk about!
Now for Stephanie saying that Kameron always has my back… look in the mirror! You ALWAYS have Brandi’s back no matter what she says or does! You judge me so much harder than you do her. When are you going to stop being afraid of Brandi and tell her when she is wrong? When she says MEAN below-the-belt stuff! It hurts me to know that I am still the bad guy in Stephanie’s eye. It hurts to know that because of her fear, she will always let whatever Brandi does slide. I’m just looking for a fair world. Silly me!
When I saw Kam's outfit, I was like OMG! FABULOUS! I wanna dress up too! Seriously, Kameron is one of the funnest girls I have ever hung out with! I laugh so much with her! When she asked me to wash her hair… I died! Uhm, no LOL!
Why does D’andra need to call her mommy to talk about seeing me and Kam? Your husband is sitting next to you! This is a big sign to me of whose opinion she respects, and it’s not Jeremy's! Why was it a low blow to say that if we weren’t talking I wouldn’t have invited you? It’s HONESTY! You should try it sometime! It was not a low blow or meant to be hurtful. Girl, it’s a big world, and you better put your big girl panties on!
Finally Kam says what I have been feeling all season! “Brandi and D'Andra have gotten away with more completely than LeeAnne has ever gotten away with!” Now that is some damn TRUTH! I was attacked by D'Andra, and no one said a word! If it had been me, we would still be hearing about it!
Everyone talking sh-- about me getting a matching outfit with Kam is ridiculous! Because it's me, it's OK to talk sh--? Y’all are just jealous that Kam and I actually have fun together! Sorry biatches! And then notice the second I walk away they all tell Kam how pretty she looks! Who is up whose ass? And now Brandi is telling Kam she loves her! #asskissingatitsfinest
OMG! Everyone go back, rewind, and listen…. 
Brand just said, “All I know is I picked up her phone from the bar because she left it in the bar” Uhm, I thought someone handed you my phone when they found it in the cushions? GURL! Do you remember all the things you say? You need to start taking notes, cause you are looking like a big fat liar!
WOW! How quick when Kameron won’t agree with Brandi does she go from “I love you” to screaming at her, “Use your brain!” And now she is telling Kam “Don’t say you are going to hurt my family over it!” EXCUSE ME… when did I say that? Oh that's right, NEVER! And now D'Andra enters and says, “Any lie is not OK.” Seriously, you have told more lies than all of us combined.
Let me be very clear: I never used D'Andra to “social climb,” because I never needed or wanted to social climb. I certainly cleaned up plenty of her social mistakes for her, however! Now tell me again, who needed whom? 
Then when I address D'Andra saying that her mother told her I called her an alcoholic. and I said I would clear that up with Dee…Brandi goes off! Not only does she start screaming at me, but she is taking step after step in an aggressive manner towards me! Why are stepping in my face and yelling at me?
I want you all to clearly hear what she is saying! “Do you think that you are better than the rest of us? YES YOU DO!” Here is what we have all been waiting for all season, Brandi's reason for her visceral hatred of me: It’s her insecurity. She feels insecure about how secure I live my life. I have never thought I was better than anyone! I have never said I was better than anyone! This is coming from Brandi, not me! That is why this is her problem!
And now what she does every single time, even though she started this, is go off and cry and be the victim! You can’t start a fight and be the victim! Grow up! I was having a conversation, and she elevated it! She took steps towards me, stepping into my personal space to set me off! Then runs off and cries like I started it.
Now D'Andra and Brandi saying I haven’t changed? Y'all pushed me to go back! You have been pushing me since the first day, and you pushed me right through the end! The whole time saying you wanted to be friends! BE REAL!
When I lay down in the grass to cry and beg God for help, it’s because I am coming off my amygdala emotionally hijacking me, and I’m crashing. All the energy I used to posture in a defensive state is crashing out of me and tears are all I have left. Drama Queen, yes! But y’all…I AM EXHAUSTED! My weave is exhausted! The panty liner in my underwear is exhausted!
While I go take my exhausted booty to bed, y’all remember this: I tried. I’m gonna keep trying! And I’m never gonna quit! So when I’m gone, it wasn’t me!
All my LOVE, LeeAnne

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