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Reunion Part 2

S3/EP18 |
Aired: December 12, 2018
The two part reunion concludes as Mama Dee Simmons joins the ladies in an attempt to help D’Andra and LeeAnne mend their friendship. Brandi accuses Kameron of being a liar and Kameron accuses D’Andra of being her mother’s puppet. 43:24

Reunion Part 1

S3/EP17 |
Aired: December 5, 2018
The Real Housewives of Dallas reunite for a dramatic two part reunion. D’Andra drops a bombshell on Cary, while Cary fires back. Stephanie explains her previous struggles with depression, and Brandi and LeeAnne go head-to-head. 43:24

Party Fouls

S3/EP16 |
Aired: November 28, 2018
LeeAnne picks a date for her wedding, while Mama Dee officially signs over her company to D’Andra. Stephanie throws a college kegger for her husband Travis who is about to leave for Business school. Conflict between LeeAnne and Brandi escalates. 43:24

Game of Phones

S3/EP15 |
Aired: November 21, 2018
Upon their return to Dallas, LeeAnne claims Brandi stole her phone on their last night in Denmark, and insists that she in turn “cloned” Brandi’s phone. D’Andra finds out that Kameron has put her on “friend probation.” 43:23

Growers and Show-ers

S3/EP14 |
Aired: November 14, 2018
 The trip to Copenhagen continues with Brandi confronting LeeAnne about the alcoholic accusations. A surprise visit from Zuri and Mark has everyone crying with joy, but the fun is over when LeeAnne films a private moment without Brandi’s permission. 43:23

Something is Rotten in Denmark

S3/EP13 |
Aired: November 7, 2018
Cary takes all the ladies to Copenhagen to visit her relatives. The trip takes a turn when D’Andra gets into arguments with both Kameron and LeeAnne. Stephanie tries to broker a peace treaty and Brandi confronts LeeAnne head-on about the accusations. 43:23

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