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Setting the Record Straight

Cat weighs in on her book, her behavior and the importance of manners.

So, that wasn't so bad?? Firstly, thanks for all the support many of you have given me! At last Cat's showing she's got a little heart now? No just the RUDE BIATCH? Let's start with the contents of my book Inbox Full. Firstly, it isn't sexual before I'm berated by being an irresponsible mother! It's a diary written over four years and three different continents. Charles read it and enjoyed it too. It would never have affected his job, or my comments about Obama either. They just showed how protective and proud I was of him. No big deal. In fact, I decided to do the show because I wanted to raise awareness of my story, which I hope will give inspiration to people everywhere -- that if you dare to believe in your dreams anything is possible. Honest true and real. Everything from spiritual adventures in Peru to "find myself," fear and loneliness, trials and tribulations as a working single woman, whilst never losing my sense of humor (which I know is pretty random!) Sharing feelings of love and loss on my journey of choices and where they can lead you. Be careful what you wish for!! It's a roller coaster ride along side text messages which give another perspective. (Obviously all names were changed.) Loved seeing that scene with Paul and me outside Ted and Mary's party! God, he makes me laugh! Funny that when I met him at the Goat Rodeo surrounded by hundreds of people he was the first person I gravitated to. When Stacie said I wasn't used to being in a majority black environment she couldn't have been more wrong. She knows that now. I've lived in London most of my life. I was rude that day and I didn't mean to be. I'm sorry. When I see my stressed face and the memory of what a really, really s--- time I was having, it brings back many painful memories. And talking of memories, watching the love I had for my husband on that photo shoot is like a knife in my heart. Unbelievable. Character building stuff?! If one more person tells me what doesn't kill you makes you stronger??!! Jeeezzz. Oh and finally, "I know you're American but let's have some manners, Tareq." (You know we Brits bang on about pleases and thank-yous way too much!) Just wait to see what happens there. Another blissful time with the Salahis ... mmmmmmmm.
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