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Politics and Housewives Don't Mix

NYC's Alex McCord weighs in on the Paris trip, the birthday party "hot potato," and more.

So, did we realize this week why politics and housewives don't mix? Jason was the only one willing to speak about how off the wall Michaele's attempt at political commentary was - at least I think she was talking about the President because I heard his name come up. Couldn't be too sure because she was speaking gibberish. I honestly think I'd rather hear Danielle chant "love and light" or Kelly interject "zip it" than hear the Salahis discuss anything political.

I liked seeing a winery other than Oasis on the show, though why did Stacie & Jason's friends vaporize after showing them in? Did they not want to hear Tareq go on about the longevity of wine? I could have done without that too -- don't talk about it, just taste it! At least when the white limo pulled up they didn't have a police escort.

Paris was fun - I wish they'd shown more of that trip. I've no doubt that Jason's brother is ripping up Montmartre with his band; good for him and I was so pleased to see that this trip wasn't all about shopping and being touristy but rather just existing - this was the FIRST time we've seen any housewives in Europe where they didn't seem like American fish out of water - hopefully not the last!

The whole birthday party hot potato drove me a little crazy. Why on earth do you get an attorney involved? Can you not have a down-to-earth conversation with the publicist and the venue to lay out who is paying for what? If multiple hosts were involved, work it out. It's despicable to have someone call and say you're not showing up to a party you're throwing without a written waiver stating that everything is free. Yikes.

What do you all think so far? Are you happy? Are you horrified? Let me know here and on Twitter @mccordalex - and if you're in Canada we're excited to announce that our book is available on Amazon Canada and that the third season of The Real Housewives of New York City starts on September 11th!

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