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Be Careful Who You Trust

The Salahis sound off on the events of the season.

This episode for us is dedicated to Dirgham Salahi, (my father-in-law, Tareq's Dad) who celebrated life to the fullest and always reminded me to enjoy life! He loved the idea of this show, and while some of his last, finest moments in life were captured for Bravo TV, that footage didn't make it to the screen this season. Dirgham shared his vision for Oasis, that we carry his dream on and bring it back. His passing on October 6th, while we tried to prepare in advance, was still unexpected, and it's painful to lose loved ones. This has been the most challenging year in our lives on numerous fronts. He would have wanted us to forge ahead and would have told us to never give up while cheering with a glass of Oasis wine. So we toast this season to Dirgham Salahi, a strong man who was determined to do anything and reminded us all that anything is possible. 

Sometimes you have to ask the basic question, just like Jason Turner did for a second in this Episode. He said, "There is no way to crash the White House!" As exciting as that may sound to many, just think for a moment: If we were party crashing, why did the Defense Department White House liaison ask for our Social Security number, date of birth, full legal name and citizenship be turned in for admittance to the White House? YES! It's a fact, we were asked to submit these things, and we did. Not exactly party crashing is it? As the world later became aware, false allegations have swirled around us since November 2009, when we were falsely accused, called unpleasant names, and some even threatened our lives. From the inception of the false allegations to the present, we have consistently stated we were invited and did not party crash. We publicly revealed some of our emails from a White House Defense Department liaison to substantiate the fact that we were led to believe that we were 100% invited and welcomed at the state dinner. 

If we were "party crashing," doesn't it seem odd to do so by going to the White House with a large film crew from Half Yard for Bravo? Why would we want to potentially embarrass ourselves by getting told to go home in front of the cameras if we didn't believe to be invited? 

Many in the media and Congress developed the inaccurate theory that I was "auditioning" for the Real Housewives show the night of the White House dinner, and that our attendance at the State Dinner was a "reality show stunt."  This idea is preposterous! I had a signed contract months earlier and was already a part of the show. In fact, virtually the entire first season of Real Housewives of D.C. had already been shot by the November 2009 White House dinner.

My husband and I have been made into punching bags and punch lines. Some funny (Saturday Night Live -- brilliant, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman), some not ( you know who you are). I was especially surprised and shocked at the bullying behavior of my fellow cast members after our attendance to the White House and my MS revelation as of late. I am very hurt for the pain they wished upon me.

The time is now for everyone to know the Truth and for others to be honest.

1. This was NOT an Audition that evening for Bravo TV.

2. We did not lie to anyone, including the Secret Service, as you now witnessed in Episode 9.

Anyway –- It's now time to move forward and onward and put this all behind us. We have forgiven those that have said false statements about this part of our life, and we ask everyone to move forward, including my cast mates. 

As you saw, a portion of the video from our Congressional response was shown in this final episode. Very few people saw this in the world, since only MSNBC aired it live. To see and hear the full video, including who knew what and when they knew it, an important statement was given by our attorney at that time, Stephen Best, that aired exclusively on MSNBC and discussed what the Secret service was aware of, and the fact that Congress had no interest in learning the truth about that night. Indeed, it was a public flogging. Click here to listen to the full video: 

You saw the last portion of this episode with us at the Turners' home, where they invited us over to "not attack us," yet they did anyway. Sad. We were told the visit was not to talk about the White House, just to visit. We had been given clear instruction by our attorney not to talk with anyone about the White House. We listen. They claim we "ran" out the back door. In fact, you see Jason Turner showing us the way out, since we were asked to exit that way with the line producer of the show who drove us to their home and her car was parked in the back. Again, just keeping it real.  

To read all details about what really happened surrounding the White House, and the betrayal by the Democratic party, you can read about it in the Book "Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful who you Trust."

We hope you enjoyed this season of The Real Housewives of DC, it has forever changed our lives. We had great fun! We have a lot more to say, and more to tell, we can only for now invite you to come visit us personally at Oasis Winery for our re-opening that is in the works to happen in the near future.

We thank you with all of our heart for your support through thick and thin. Those of you on the fence, we hope you now understand and see right through all of this. 

We love you and send a welcome cheers to the future and give you a friendly warning –- Be careful who you trust!

Michaele and Tareq Salahi


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