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In Defense of Cat

Mary sheds light on her longtime friend, and reveals her harshest critics.

I feel a strong need to make my belief very clear that my dear Cat has not exhibited one racist bone in her petite little body in all the times I have ever been with her. Quite the contrary! Cat is one of the most lovely, kind, generous, encouraging and honest people I know and I believe she sees character, not color. I am extremely upset and rather disturbed that this perceived sense of racial tension on the show has taken on a life of its own. Personally speaking, I can easily say that I experienced nothing remotely close in any scene or conversation that was racially driven that would cause any tension of any sorts, but I guess every show needs it's drama scenes or we'd all be bored to tears. Yes, its true, I did without intention overserve myself and became slightly tipsy at my birthday party (having some fun at my birthday is no crime in my book and I had a designated driver!) and did proceed to ramble on with my fuzzy logic hat prominently displayed making not a lot of sense about how salons need to integrate, etc... (you know you have arrived when Chelsea busts on you referring to you as "clearly this dumb*ss woman..." in her opening routine!) Ironically, I have received an overwhelmingly positive response to that scene in episode 1 with many of you agreeing with me! Oh well, I own it and hopefully will not go non-linear again, but it does seem like wine is served with almost every scene we are in!! The scene at Aunt Francis' was unfortunate as I recall Cat had experienced a rough day all around and probably should have taken a pass that evening but she said she would be there as she is a woman of her word and is always prompt. Cat is Cat and speaks her mind, the truth and from her heart, which I find very refreshing and authentic. I pray that as the season goes on the focus on racial tension will dissipate as I feel each D.C. Housewife does truly embrace all races, cultures and creeds, and I would think if we had any issues of prejudice or perceived racism we would discuss them openly and honestly. Lolly's re-entry back home has been an adjustment for both she and I, and I want to make sure she knows I love her to death, but Momma's House is Momma's House. That doesn't always work out so well for me (or her) but we are committed to working through all our issues together, continuing to grow closer in our mother/daughter relationship. I have loved having her home (and precious Kona too!). I'm extremely proud of Lolly for pursuing her dreams as a talented artist and gifted writer. I'm excited for the exposure the show will bring Lolly and her budding gifts and talents. She is one of the smartest, loving, most generous and talented person I know. Yes, I am biased, but anyone who knows Lolly personally wholeheartedly would agree! I loved being on a horse again! Over the last 10 years, I have done far more watching of my daughters riding than riding myself. I have never attempted to play polo before and didn't realize how challenging it is to control and stay on the horse, hold the mallet properly and score a goal! Cat and I had shared a lot of laughs that day and I LOVED the Oasis Chardonnay Barrel Fermented Beer that was served! The beer seriously being passed as wine and Cat's calling it out was a classic and hilarious bonding moment for the two of us in the months of filming together.

This week's classic responses to share from the Amons Family Peanut Gallery -- "Mom, you don't speak Spanish, you speak Spanglish!"... "Were lights from the camera so bright you had to wear sunglasses inside the house?"... "You shed hair as much as Kona and no one complains about you being here!"... I have a tough crowd at my house which has prepared me for the range of comments I have read so far about the show (thankfully, most of the comments have been very positive, whew!)... A nice dose of miracle grow to get my skin thickened! I am the first to poke fun at myself so I say, bring it. You can't be any tougher on me than my home team! Also, I need to find Rich's leash again so he doesn't wander off by himself into conversations with the other gentlemen (or ladies) as he seems to have a broken inner monologue button again! Most days I need to be there to "interpret" and let people know "He IS from Philly and he IS just teasing you," which doesn't always play well in D.C. unless you know about his extremely dry wit and sarcasm. Needless to say, he has a tendency to cause some awkwardness on occasion!

I can't wait for Episode 3! I hope that you will hang in with us and I assure you the crazy antics of the Amons family will continue to make us all laugh!

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