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Paul Wharton: Tardy for the Party, DC Style

Paul Wharton talks about his blowout birthday bash and his relationship with Michaele Salahi.

Like most people, I love a great party! Good friends often throw each other parties, and in my circle, we have been doing it for each other for years. When Lynda graciously threw me the birthday party two years ago, it was intimate and wonderful and we all had a great time. I even hosted Michaele’s birthday in my own home. Any guest of honor would want their party to be memorable. On the night of my birthday party at The Park, it certainly was! All I could do was thank God for surrounding me with loving family and honorable friends. Now, I’d like to clear the air.

I have known Michaele Salahi for several years, and we’ve been really close. But recently, it’s all changed. On her recent blog, she raises several points that need to be addressed. Here’s what really happened that night: Marc and Anne Barnes, the owners of The Park at Fourteenth, were the true gracious hosts. They offered, and took care of everything, from the fabulous venue, to the excellent meal, wine pairings, and Champagne toast. Another dear friend and co-host gifted the exquisite cake. And about the generous gift of Oasis Wine they supposedly provided for the 100 dinner guests? It was also tardy for the party, because we never saw it. We did enjoy what was left of that single bottle of Champagne Tareq sabraged. As to Michaele never having planned to meet me beforehand, that’s just not true. Just hours before the party, their lawyer called my publicist repeatedly, demanding that she sign a document saying that they would not be held financially responsible for anything related to my birthday — and if she did not, they would refuse to appear at all! Is this is why Michaele couldn’t answer my calls from the hotel in town where we were supposed to meet? I would happily have gotten ready at my own home in DC, but we planned to meet at the hotel, to make it easier for them. After trying for hours, I got hold of her, and we agreed to meet a block away from the venue. As I sat in the car for another hour waiting, they never showed, nor did they call or respond to my calls. Finally, one of my friends texted me from the party, to report that the Salahis had already arrived. I chose not to bring any of this up once I arrived, opting instead to celebrate with all of my guests. So one has to wonder: what kind of a friend stands you up while their lawyer stands off with the friend’s publicist, and threatens not to show up, only to create a scene — on your birthday?

Make no mistake; I will always cherish the friendship I shared with Michaele. She was once very loyal.

Moving right along, Ted Gibson is not only an awesome guy, but also a talented hair stylist. I was thrilled to attend a dinner in his honor. It was a bit awkward, though, as Lynda and Michaele hadn’t spoken since my party and I hadn’t had a chance to have a private moment with Michaele about my feelings on the stand-off between her lawyer and my team. I thought I was uncomfortable, until I sensed even more weird energy coming from Cat’s direction. Erika made a comment that seemed to only perpetuate the tension in the already strained relationship between Stacie and Cat. I have to say, I like Cat! She is one of the most wonderful and honest people you’ll meet, and I don’t believe she has a racist bone in her body. And as for my dear Aunt Frances, I went over last weekend to see her, and we feasted on ribs, crabs and EVERYTHING in between. I love all of Stacie’s family and they love mine. We still have a great time together!

This show has been such an adventure for me, because I had an opportunity to see us from all angles. The public only gets a small glimpse of who we are, and sometimes, the parts that we love so much about each other don’t come across so clearly. We are blessed to live in Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, at an amazing moment in history. Some of my greatest accomplishments are being realized here. My family and friends are here. As Lynda said, "This is just the beginning." I say, cheers to all five ladies on this show — they have fearlessly opened the doors and windows to their lives and allowed us to take a very entertaining journey with them. I am proud to be a part of this ride!

Love to you all.
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