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Time Is a Healer

Cat's back and commenting on the past two episodes (and probably wearing something pink). 

Mmmmm. I went off the radar last week, so firstly I want to say a huge thank you for all of you who have written so many kind things and really lift my spirits in very challenging times. Also, even those of you who write nasty negative things, thank you too, because no one is ever too old to learn and many of your comments I've taken on board (not the one who complained I've got too much pink in my wardrobe!! You can keep your opinions to yourself!! If your going to slag me off,  then don't make it about color - we've had enough crap about that in the show so far!!!).
So last's weeks episode - Sarah Palin/Edwina stuff?? Had to. Compulsory to lift the mood. This town can be way too serious for a mildly insane woman like me. And this week's episode? Well... firstly, loved the scene of Mary and me discussing who had more "mothers guilt." We had such fun on so many occasions - LOVE that lady! I know you see me teasing her, but I'm very protective of her. She also wins, hands down, for the funniest facial expressions of any friend I know! Watching her watching Lolly at the Men Against Breast Cancer event was hilarious! And from laughter to tears... I was dreading seeing and reliving the pain of losing my dear friend Phil - such an incredibly painful time for all of us who loved him so deeply. A true character in life. Made me so happy and was one of the most positive people I know - he always made my problems disappear, and he used to take me out dancing in London until we could dance no more and leave me with the biggest smile on my face when he dropped me home.The expression "time is a healer" can be true, but I will always, always miss him...
I'm so grateful and lucky to have so many friends here in D.C. who care for me and in particular Lynda, Mary, and Paul kept me going whilst we were filming. Thanks again to you all, and especially to my beautiful girls who always keep me going with no shortage of hugs and loving going down in our house between the three of us. You see - I do have a heart. It's just very deeply hidden. It's my way of protecting myself, putting on a brave face. So for all of you who thought I was the iron lady? Think again... Until next week! Adios. Xx
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