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Vineyard Vindication

Mary thanks the Turner's for all of their support at the vineyard. 

Wow. Episode 5...what a roller coaster ride!

I will address the severity of these false, confusing, and unclear accusations involving our daughter, Lolly.   

Lolly Amons is a very generous, compassionate, and loving young woman.  She is not a thief.  I will share what transpired that day with a few FACTS and then put this unfortunate scenario to rest. 

1)  Rich and I did a thorough inquiry with all local police jurisdictions within a 100 mile radius as well as with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and there is absolutely nothing that has our daughter’s name associated with anything of the sort.

2)  These fabricated accusations involving Lolly were not clear by any means. There was no evidence presented, nor has there been to date, which directly implicates our daughter being associated with this "alleged" crime.  We have never been contacted about anything relating to any investigation.

3) It was evident that our hosts had something they wanted to say that was directed towards me.  I am direct, so I made it clear that I was aware and ready to listen. 

What a memorable day the trip to the country that was on ALL fronts! It was definitely a day to remember, hysterically laughing while stomping grocery store grapes! I enjoyed taking in all of the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the changing fall foliage, the gorgeous sunset…and then I was completely blindsided by these erroneous allegations.

I do want to genuinely acknowledge and thank both Stacie and Jason for coming to my defense that evening about not only what they were claiming, but also how our hosts were delivering this allegation without facts or evidence to a mother about their child.  The Turner's are wonderful people, and I appreciate them attempting to clarify what was transpiring as well as questioning this outrageous behavior on behalf of our hosts.  The truth has prevailed.  

I am truly blessed with a beautiful family and am so grateful for the countless positive opportunities that are happening in my life. 

Aside from getting kids all settled in school, (I LOVE September and new beginnings!)  I'm working with a dedicated team to bring together a top fashion designer as well as a jurored fashion inspired art auction all to benefit Cancer Schmancer ( The event will take place in DC on Thursday, November 4th.  Working with Fran Drescher has been incredibly inspiring and motivating!  She's one amazing woman using her celebrity to change the world and save lives.  For more information about how to get involved, please visit the website

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of the wonderful and humbling words of support and encouragement, I greatly appreciate it as I wander through this reality show world of my own reality!! :)

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