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S3 - E11

Ep 11: Waterfront

Pettifleur is still feeling the heat after Lydia’s outburst at Glasshouse, but Lydia still wants her to attend her mother Lina’s 69th birthday party even though some of the other 'Wives aren’t as welcome. Jackie gives Susie an emotionally charged psychic reading focusing on family and Gina launches her new perfume. Pettifleur and Gamble have become unexpected allies after a rocky start but Lydia, sensing her alliances are depleted, seeks an audience with Chyka in the hopes of making things right between them. Finally, all the ladies reunite for one last dinner at the Waterfront Port Melbourne. But as often happens with The Real Housewives of Melbourne, the night starts off wonderfully then quickly hits the skids.
Aired: 09/23/2016