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S3 - E6

Ep 6: Bye Bye Byron

While the weather holds for Gamble and Rick’s beach ceremony, their reception isn’t so lucky. Gina’s early departure the night before has some of the wives in full on detective mode, but when Chyka and Janet chose to question her about it they are quickly cut down by a Gina in fighting form. Back in Melbourne, Susie takes her teenager Rupert for a driving lesson and Chessie has made a life changing decision that doesn’t sit well with her parents. Meanwhile, Janet’s still keeping her options open with Christopher when they go on a double date with Susie and Marcello. Gina prepares a family feast for her younger son’s birthday, with Pettifleur and Lydia free join the celebrations since Gamble still away on her honeymoon. 

Aired: 08/19/2016