Pet Smart

Pet Smart

Larsa wants her kids to know the value of hard work, and of having a pet.

Instilling work ethics in kids can be challenging because they think everything should come easy. I have the means to spoil my kids with whatever they want, but I choose not to because they have to understand the value of hard work.

My kids get rewarded for their efforts at school. So when I got their report cards from school, and saw their good grades I had to reward them. They said they wanted some pets and that they would care for them. I took them to a pet shop and we bought a rabbit, turtle, and a couple of lizards. They have been doing a great job of caring for their little buddies.

Alexia had an authentic Cuban dinner at her house. Alexia and Hermen went through a lot of trouble to hand pick dinner. It's not an easy task to pick out the right pig. I don't eat pork, but I was not going to insult her by complaining about the meal that took a lot of effort to prepare. Lea didn't think it was appropriate to have Little Miss Piggy for dinner. LOL!

Sophia is my best friend. We do everything together! We had a full day of laundry and cleaning. I called the nanny agency to set up some interviews. I wanted to interview English speaking and nurturing women for my kids.

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