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Characters Welcome

Lea needs you to make the show a hit, and she wants you to know she's in it for the good time.

By Lea Black

I saw myself and the girls through your eyes for the first time. I think you will agree: we're a little bit Miami, a little bit spicy, maybe a bit naughty, but nice), a little bit rock ‘n roll, hopefully a little bit fab on the surface, somewhat curious, and abnormally normal underneath.

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I think housewives and women in general come in all different packages, and are the source of the most good in the world. While doing the show, I realized how much I really like adventures. I mean what was I thinking? A "Real (public) Housewife"? Wow! Sometimes I jump in and then figure it out. Did I hold my own? I hope I didn't make a complete fool of myself! So far, so good don't you think?

People often ask me why I took the Housewife plunge, and I often wondered myself. After doing the show I realized that like the song says, "Girls just wanna have fun," and it seems we did that, or at least I did.

After watching tonight's episode, perhaps Adriana will take a few "hits" about her sexpot image, but don't judge a book by its cover. She's one of the most genuine people and best moms I know.

Marysol's mom is quite the character, and definitely don't judge that book by its cover either. She's endearing and fun.

As for Marysol, "the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree." You never know where her story may go. She will have some interesting surprises for you in upcoming episodes. And FYI...I know Marysol's French fiancé Philippe didn't need a green card, more about that Miami "inside joke" later.

Alexia may be controversial, but she makes for great TV, and one of the things I like most about her is hubby Herman. I've never laughed harder or been more fascinated then I was by him at their upcoming dinner party. It's a hoot and a holler and a scene you won't want to miss. (And did I mention Herman bids "big" at our charity auction, also coming soon!)

Larsa and I have laughed and giggled endlessly at ourselves, like Lucy and Ethel. (Unfortunately, we never got around to our kids and mom slumber party I planned.)

I'm intrigued by what a free spirit Cristy really is. Sometimes I wish I could be carefree, make my own rules, and go home and light up the incense. Maybe she's got the right idea after all? I found her fun and refreshing to watch.

But I think Miami was the real star of the show. The beauty, the sunshine, the nightlife: Miami is truly the city that never sleeps, and we are lucky enough to live where everyone wants to vacation.There's a lot of humor to be found in the upcoming sass, flash, cash and trash (just kidding about the trash!). Miami has it all! This should be a fun journey together and hopefully many of you will interact with me, and I can collect a few more characters along the way.

Next week is gonna be full of shock and awe and breaking all the rules--and I hear lots of celebrities-here, there and everywhere. It's been fun being a part of Bravo's pop culture phenomenon. I'm sure we'll all have a few laughs at my expense along the way, but hopefully, I won't "bore" you. (At least my hubby gets my jokes.) So thanks for watching.

Oh and please remind me - ALWAYS check the mirror for a wardrobe reality check! Yikes, what was I thinking? And a couple of bad hair days too! Oh well, my husband was out of town that week - otherwise I would have dolled up a bit!

This should be a roller-coaster journey together, and hopefully many of you will interact with me and join my next collection of characters (Housewives-addicts not interested in recovery). So let me know your thoughts and questions, I really want to do my part in making the show worth your time to tune in. After all, we're all in it together. I'm a big Housewives fan, too. Without you watching, there wouldn't be a show. I've always said people make a party, and the audience makes a show.

Stay tuned, make life fun, and please-- laugh at my jokes!

Peace and Love til next time.


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