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Why So Serious?

Lea laments the return to her abnormal/normal, and sets the record straight on her work, and play hard, lifestyle.

By Lea Black

Marysol's dinner was so lovely in spite of all the drama. I adore Elsa and her readings are a hoot -- take it or leave it -- but don't take it so seriously!

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The shopping party Larsa had was "cute," but the behind-the-scenes the petty gossip was again uncalled for -- high schoolish, really.

As far as Adriana and Frederic -- ooh lala! So glad she got the ring she deserved so much! She's more than worth husband would for sure get me a D-flawless if I put that show on. (Maybe I should head to the lingerie store right this minute, LOL).

And congratulations Peter on your graduation. And mom, Alexia, your tearful sentiments were beautiful.

And alas, the lunch -- from the teensy tiny worm to the feather hat! I told them to wear gloves (so they wouldn't get their hands dirty picking veggies) and to wear hats (to stay out of the sun) and that it was outside (and was it ever) and at an exotic location (one of the only organic farms in the state). What more did those girls expect? They had a limo with a driver in a tuxedo (tails, no less) and champagne and the healthiest food ever, prepared by an amazing, award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein. That was hilarious, and the irony of Cristy being the first one to get the joke! So the fat lady has sung (for now at least)...

I wish all the girls the best of everything life has to offer and would be there for anyone of them in a moment of need. I learned a lot about them and myself. I took some risks and had some fun. And never laughed harder at myself watching some of the scenes. Seriously, I think I am sometimes just hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. And I hope everyone knows by now that I never meant any of my jokes to be anything more than a laugh and a giggle.

I do want to say that I was shocked to hear that someone made a comment about me trading on my husband's name -- I guess they are self-reflecting with that one because anyone that knows me is well aware that I had a very successful skincare company, Sudden Youth, which I have added to and am bringing to market again, and a cosmetic company before I ever met my husband. I've worked my entire adult life. I put my career on hold to get married and raise a son. Now that he's older, I am again working full time. If you want to know the truth, ask my staff, my husband, my friends, my business associates, and anyone who "really" knows me. Having said that: I work hard and I play hard. I don't take a lot of things so seriously, and I take things that are serious, very seriously. I think I have my priorities in order. I try to do what's right, be there for my friends, and I'm harder on myself than anyone else could ever be.

Sorry you didn't get to see much of my husband, he was in NYC during a long trial (that's why I missed Cristy's lunch -- and BTW I love crock-pot cooking.) I spent much of my time commuting with our son back and forth. I'm sure he's thinking, "Thank goodness I was at that trial instead of on that ridiculous crazy Looney Toons show with my wife and a bunch of girls." (He may never admit it -- but he laughed and laughed while watching parts of it, and of course cringed a couple of times, too.)

Meanwhile, the gala ( is this coming Saturday with Dionne Warwick, Pharell Williams, Pit Bull, and more. And of course I'm always running three businesses, loving my son beyond words, taking care of hubby, and having lots of plates spinning.

So back to my abnormal/normal life again -- Here we go!

Keep the peace and spread the love,

Lea Black

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