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Lisa and Karent's Cattiness

Alexia felt Lisa and Karent could have been more sympathetic.

By Alexia Nepola

This episode was very difficult and painful for me to watch. As I reflect on this, I praise God for the miracle he has blessed me with -- to have my son alive, breathing, eating, and walking. We take all these things take for granted, which are really a gift and so precious. I also feel joy; I can look back and see how far Frankie has come in this journey. I appreciate the progress he’s made and I’m thrilled to see how he's improved day to day.

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The pain I've endured is indescribable, only a mother who has been through this could understand the pain and suffering, which brings me to realize how insensitive “some” of the girls can be towards my situation and me. I’m not asking for pity, and I don’t expect you to feel what I'm feeling, but I would like for others to understand what I'm feeling and to be more sympathetic.

I’m very disappointed and saddened by Lisa’s cattiness and immaturity when speaking to Karent about me. How insensitive can you be? Clearly neither of them is a mother. I dare Karent to insinuate I'm on something! Do you want to know what I'm on? Months of sleep deprivation from sleeping on a pull out chair at a hospital for five months, uncertainties, worries, stress, and trying to find the strength to keep my family together. People have no idea how a tragedy like this affects the entire family.

In Lisa's conversation with Karent, Karent again tries to play the victim as if we’re ganging up on her, but at no point does she take any responsibility or acknowledge what Adriana and I are trying to tell her. She brings up irrelevant points and excuses and continues to laugh it off. She accuses me of not giving her an opportunity to get close, when from the very beginning she has not even asked me in person about Frankie or cared to find out how I'm holding up. I'm disgusted with her lies and with her whole phony character. It was nice to have Ana come over my house, since she usually drops by my office. I feel comfortable speaking with her, because I feel that Ana can relate, since she is a mother of two adolescents, has been married, and is a professional. (By the way the hardest of the three is being a mother, there is no school or book you can read that can prepare you for this task.) Frankie and I were playing basketball, which is one of the things that he seems to have not forgotten and still enjoys doing. It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to break down when speaking about Frankie, and it is also impossible to try to explain to the other ladies what my reality is like, especially when some of them don't really care and are so consumed with themselves.

Alexia's Son's Progress

This was my first Venue party since Frankie's accident. My friends, family, employees, and clients were there to celebrate our March/April cover with Jen Carlos Canela (singer and actor). Like all of my days, I woke up as usual at 6:30am with Frankie by my side, bathed him, dressed him, and made breakfast. (Peter and Frankie only like the way I make breakfast.) And then it was off to therapy until 12 noon. I was able to make it just in time for the walk through and setup of the party. There are hours of hard work, preparation, and details involved for a party of this nature. Thank God for all of the Venue Magazine staff that are so amazing and that go beyond their duties, especially now that I need their support more then ever. I was looking forward to the party, but at the same time was torn because my heart really wanted to stay at home with Frankie. I felt a little better when Frankie saw me all dressed and ready to go and he pointed at my shoes and with a smile, giving me a thumbs up. (Frankie is my shoe consultant, better yet my fashion consultant, and I would not walk out of the house without his approval LOL!) As usual, Herman was yelling that we were late and Peter was asking me what to wear (he was going to the party too).In reference to my outburst… We all have our moments and this was my moment where I broke down for obvious reasons, especially when Frankie's name was brought up. I made it very clear -- I have more IMPORTANT issues in my life like my sons, husband, family, and good friends. That is why I do not even want to dedicate more time to this matter.

Karent Leaves the Party

Until next time!

Miami at Its Finest

Like always I leave you with this thought: "Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."

If you'd like to know more about Frankie's story, please visit:

Again, thank you for your continued love, support, and prayers! God bless you.

Besos (Kisses),


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