The Unstoppable Elaine

The Unstoppable Elaine

Alexia doesn't know why Elaine confronted Marysol at Lisa's event despite everyone's protestations.

You are all probably wondering where I was in this episode, because you didn’t see me at all. That’s because I really wasn't there. LOL!

I was invited to Lisa Pliner's lunch by Lisa, because I am friendly with her and she advertises her fabulous brand, Lisa Pliner Shoes, (green soles) in Venue Magazine. I was in Los Angeles with Herman for a couple of days visiting William Levy (my first time away from Frankie in 7 months). We had the pleasure of watching William live on Dancing with the Stars and having some alone time after all of these tough months.

I felt bad seeing Marysol confronted by Elaine at the lunch. Was it really necessary to bring it up there? I don't think so and neither did Lea, but obviously Elaine felt the need and no one was able to stop her.

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Marysol vs a Drag Queen
After seeing the craziness in Thomas Kramer's home, one thing is for sure, I'm happy I wasn't there. Seriously, there had to be a full moon, because everyone was so crazy and irrational. I know Thomas (the good and the ugly); he's always been nice and pleasant, but I didn't like what he did to Elsa. It was wrong and disrespectful.

What do you do in a situation like this? Get up and go. Yes! That was a smart move for the ladies.

Like always, the drama continues. Stay tuned...
Marriage and Babies?

Until next time, I leave you with this thought: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein

God Bless!
Besos (Kisses),

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