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Adriana's Tweet Trouble

Joanna thinks the Twitter battle between Adriana and Karent is ridiuclous.

By Joanna Krupa

I am not proud of myself for letting alcohol get me that out of hand, but the next morning (when we discussed it on the beach), not only did I feel horrible that I ruined Romain’s 10-year anniversary party, but deep inside I feel like it had to do with a lot more than just the drinking and Marta’s ex…

I feel that Romain has been distant for a while, and maybe when I was at Mynt and had way too much to drink, it just sparked a lot of emotions because of what we were going through. I couldn't find a way to communicate, and I just exploded at Mynt… I don't have all the answers, but I knew something was wrong and I don't want us to fall apart because we can’t get on the same page with communication. I haven't been in Miami a lot, so maybe that adds to the tension between us, and maybe he is just caught up with work. I guess that only time will tell where we stand.

To me friends are important, but there were many times where I had girlfriends and I felt that they had my back and later backstabbed me, so I try to stay cautious with women that I don't know very well. But right off the bat I hit it off with Karent, and I adore her. Not only is she beautiful and smart, but also seems to have a big heart, and I feel bad that other girls are trying to bully her with the whole Rodolfo texting situation. Sometimes I feel that people should just mind their own business (unless you have concrete proof), but for her sake I hope that Rodolfo truly loves her, because she deserves the best -- it’s hard to find a kind-hearted girl like her. When she and her mom had that conversation, how close she and her mom are melted my heart and reminded me a lot of my mom and me. No one has your back as much as your mom, and they want the best for you, so I hope that Karent takes her mom’s advice.

Lisa and Lenny are so adorable together, and I really hope and pray that Lisa will get her dream and get pregnant. They would make precious little ones and she would be a great mother.Karent and Lisa are my favorite girls right now, and when the three of us had dinner and Lisa told us what happened at the Dali exhibit, I was shocked! Since when is who tweets first a contest? You must be a very insecure person to worry about little things like that, and it’s obvious that Adriana has a jealousy issue and tries to be the center of attention. But unfortunately that’s not the case when she's surrounded by more successful and beautiful women and the insecurities all come out. I’m still trying to understand why she freaked out about Karent taking a photo with the artist and Karent tweeting first. My idol and inspiration is Bridgette Bardot. If I met her and my friend wanted to take a picture of her, I wouldn't say a word. Everyone has a right to take photos and to tweet whatever they want, and there is no reason for cattiness. I guess it just takes a confident woman to not worry about the little things...

Karent's Inappropriate Photo

When I was invited to dance for the Winter Party Festival, where proceeds benefit the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, I was honored. When I came to rehearsals, I was a bit nervous since I hadn’t danced for over two years since my Dancing with the Stars days, but I love to do whatever I can for charity. Even though I only had a few hours to learn a whole routine, I put my mind to it and made it happen. It was so wonderful to see all the girls coming and supporting me, since this was still the beginning of all of us getting to know each other. I didn't expect most of them to come, and it was a nice surprise to have them there and cheering for me.
Joanna's Sultry Performance

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