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Elsa, Elaine, and a Near Purse-Slapping

Lea was glad that Elsa and Elaine handled themselves like ladies during their confrontation.

By Lea Black

“It’s an Observer Created Reality”

#The Punishment Doesn’t Equal the Crime

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When I saw Karent at the party, she sat down beside me (or I sat down beside her) and I immediately said something to the effect of, “I just want to personally tell you that I made some remarks about your chattering in my ear and getting on my nerves.” Her response: “I respect that.” And that is when we both knew exactly where we stood with each other. That was that. (Later in the evening I was not laughing because she left, I was laughing because Elsa pulled her "bloomers" down underneath her skirt as she bent over to hug her bye.)

#Not Holding Back May be being True to Yourself, But It Has Its Consequences.

Like her or not, she wears her Brazilian feelings on her sleeves. I will take that over the behind-the-scenes plotting, conniving, and scheming any day of the week. And “at the end of the day” LOL! And no, Adriana, I wouldn’t want you pulling any teeth.

#Second Chances

I forgive you, Romain. Now if you ever do it again, I will personally haunt you for the rest of this life and the next life too. And you know I love you. Now please, stop texting me and flirting with me. Party is over.JOANNA


Everyone has been there at one time or another. I immediately noticed how she took some responsibility for their issues, rather than immediately blaming everything on Romain. (Perhaps that’s why it all worked out in the end). I admire how she wanted to get all the facts and hear Romain's side of the story before making a decision or punishing him too severely. Let’s hope that this is one of those times when out of adversity comes opportunity. And no more tears, we don’t want any bags under those pretty blue eyes.

#What Lies Beneath the Surface...

Alexia, it’s your party and you can “scream” if you want to. Alexia can have a bit of a temper, but I think some of what was driving her emotions the night of the Venue party was the pain and suffering she had gone through over the last year. It broke my heart seeing her with Frankie and the tears underneath the smile. But I don’t think Karent was there to ruin her party. Karent was just there to party! And only Alexia can look like a model on the cover of a magazine while telling someone to “get out.”

Karent Leaves the Party
#Puppeteer in Chief

Ana is a “protector” to Marysol and a “watchdog for her gullible ex-husband.” I admire the fact she is thinking forward and protecting her children’s future. The video was clever, I admired his sincerity. I don’t admire that she’s protecting Marysol without having been there or knowing the facts. She should advise her client: the more she brings up and has others bring up issues regarding the charity debacle or writes about it, the more attention she brings to it. The gala guests and volunteers will clarify any of the things she can't remember seeing or experiencing. To clarify other “misunderstandings,” should we refer to the charity’s internal video footage of the evening? She should quit digging herself into a deeper hole. Public Relations 101: don’t keep a story going when the facts and tangible evidence aren’t on your side. No one is trying to hurt her or her business. But there is no limit to what I will do to protect the charity, the kids that benefit from it, the donors, the volunteers, and the truth. This story would have never seen the light of day if it weren’t for the denial, lack of accountability, and behind-the-scenes justifications and chatter, or you, Ana, accusing me of having James do my dirty work, and putting me in a position to defend the truth.

#Sweeping Things Under the (Red) Carpet

Regarding Elaine -- there's a lot more to this story than not walking the carpet. Keep watching as there may be a lot more dirt swept under the "red rug" than meets the current eye. This is between her and James/Elaine. And as far as the charity, volunteers, donors, and me -- well, as long as Marysol chooses to keep spreading lies about us, I will be forced to continue to tell the truth about what happened. She's never let the facts get in the way of a "poor me" story. #Age Trumps Beauty

I admire Mama Elsa for defending her daughter. That’s what moms do. I also admire Elaine Lancaster for treating her with the respect she deserves. And I am so glad we didn’t witness a “purse-slapping.” Both of my ladies remained ladies, and that’s just what I would have expected. I predict wine and laughs -- well, eventually perhaps? One can hope.

Mama Elsa's Bad Side

#A Girl’s Best Friend: Loyalty

Lisa, I admire you defending your friend Karent, and you were able to do it without throwing anyone under the bus. Maybe you pointed out a little bit of fodder, but not in a malicious way. Now go hug your dogs, as we all know, they’re really our best friends.

#Earning One’s Place

Well, I signed on for this, so everyone has earned their place with me. But to be honest, sometimes the places people occupy, in both behavior and intent, are places I prefer not to dwell.

To sum it up, (other than my jokes that some people choose to take issue with rather than laugh at) I have simply reacted to what others do and say. I have not gone out of my way to hurt anyone along this journey, but I also won’t sit back and let people wrongly accuse me or others. I would rather stand for something than be popular.

Like I have said before, if you’re the underdog I am your girl, and that’s everything from a charity to a friend or even someone I maybe don’t even know. (And yes, that includes Karent.)Don’t miss next week -- this show may drive me to drink! Enter Joe Francis and it just escalates from there. Conflict and drama around every corner. Let me know if you think something was in the cocktails or in the air. This will be the episode that just keeps on giving, oh, and someone breaks a nail too!

Miami at Its Finest

#Things to Think About This Week

-Would you rather be right or happy or credible? Are they mutually exclusive?
-Does taking responsibility take a lot of oxygen out of an issue?
-If you want something to go away, should you quit talking about it?
-Should you put your credibility on the line if you don't have the facts?
-When you want to document something, should you video it? (Could it be helpful if ever you need it or if stories change?)
-Don’t be too anxious to walk on any filthy red rugs. It may not be worth the photo op...
-While some issues seem of colossal importance to some, one thing is true: pettiness will never be the new relevance.
-And pocketbooks are the new mace.

Spread the love and keep the peace and #don’tdealwithstupid!

By the way, many of you asked about the handbag I wore at the premiere, it’s my personal design at And if you watched Watch What Happens Live, callers mentioned my face looked “refreshed.” For all my beauty secrets, go to Enjoy!

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