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A New Beginning

Lisa Hochstein explains why she wanted to move and dishes on meeting the other ladies.

By Lisa Hochstein

It’s the beginning of a new journey and beautiful friendships! (Or not?) One of my favorite things in life is meeting new and interesting people and experiencing new things, so being introduced to a new social circle of so many talented, strong, beautiful women was exciting for me. (Although I already knew Adriana and Joanna, who are both fabulous.)

We are definitely spoiled living in Miami; the weather is beautiful, the people are sexy, and there is no shortage of fabulous things to do and see. I of course am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband in my life, who also happened to be my best friend.

My husband brought me the great news about our Star Island home, and I was super excited. Many people asked why we wanted to move, since our home was already so beautiful. The answer is simple -- the purchase of the Star Island property was a tremendous business opportunity that couldn't be passed up. We weighed the options of either selling the Star property or to sell our current home. After going back and forth, we decided to make Star Island our new home eventually. My husband built our current home from the ground up , suited exactly to his tastes and lifestyle as a bachelor at that time. Although I love my home, I am very excited to design together as a couple, where I can bring my creativity and style and merge it with his. It's an exciting time! I love decorating and my husband’s second passion besides his career as a plastic surgeon is the building and the construction process. My housekeeper/assistant, Daysy, is very dear to me. Not only does she work for me, we have become friends. She is truly an amazing, loyal, and genuine person, who really cares about me and my husband. It’s rare to meet people in life who are so selfless and want the best for others. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and has such a positive outlook. I'm very proud of her for turning her life around and recovering from her past alcohol abuse and finding God. I love that she's so passionate and is studying to be a pastor. Daysy had expressed to me she was very unhappy with how she looked, and didn't feel comfortable with her body. I discussed this with my husband and decided that he would do her surgery for her. All we asked is that she became healthier before surgery and tried to lose some of the weight on her own. Diet and exercise coupled with surgery is ideal if you want to truly get the best results. Being the fitness and health enthusiast that I am, I volunteered to help her do that. Needless to say she's ecstatic and excited for her new body.

Upon meeting all of the new ladies, I really didn't know what to expect. Being introduced as the new girls with sexpots Joanna and Marta could be intimidating to some. I really was looking forward to finally meeting everyone. I've heard so much about all of the ladies, especially Lea. I really looked up to her and respected all she has done with her gala for the Consequences Foundation and what a huge success it has become over the years. It’s one of my favorite galas to attend, because it’s not stuffy, it’s always a fun atmosphere. I was hoping to pick her brain about how she turned it into such a success, since she started out doing galas in her home, much like myself. My husband and I open our home once or twice a year to raise money for charities close to our heart. We've raised money for Make a Wish, The Humane Society, Women's Cancer Foundation, and Susan J. Komen. Everyone seemed nice and engaging, I did feel however feel snubbed by Lea after going out of my way to compliment and engage her. I quickly learned she was not as interested in meeting me as I was her. I guess you can't win them all!

So much happened that night at the Smith and Wollensky event with Elsa fainting (thankfully she's OK!), tension between the other women, and Marta crying. I quickly came to the conclusion that I would never be bored in this group!

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