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Fur, Feathers, and Joe Francis

Lisa was embarrassed by all the craziness that went on during her chairty event.

By Lisa Hochstein

My much anticipated lingerie party to benefit Susan G. Komen is finally here. Our philosophy is that if you are going to have a party, party with a purpose. This is one of the foundations we work with to raise awareness and funds. I liked the idea of having a lingerie party in conjunction with breast cancer awareness. It will definitely create a buzz and draw attention to this cause. Of course I need to look fabulous at my event, so my "hired friend" and fashion consultant Daysy has come to my rescue. Doesn't everyone model sexy lingerie for their housekeeper? I passed on the angel look, because I didn't have the horns to hold my halo up.

I had to call Lea because she had not RSVPed at that point, and I really wanted her to come. I was incredibly surprised (in a good way) when she actually showed up, and I appreciated her donation to the cause.

At Lea's office Adriana brings up Karent's article in the paper labeling some of the ladies classless fame addicts with Botox for brains, saying how she wants to show women have class and beauty in Miami like her. I agree with Lea here in that if the shoe doesn't fit, I'm not wearing it. I also agree with Joanna in that journalists sometimes tend to misquote or misconstrue your words. I for one do not believe everything I read and only half of what I hear.

At Alexia’s house, she and Marysol discuss Karent not knowing her place and that she is attempting to elevate herself to a place she's not in. I believe we all are on this show and this world to elevate ourselves to the next level. That's part of what life is about.  I would hate to think that I would ever become so complacent that I would stop trying to improve myself. And what is her place? To sit on the sidelines looking into a life and position she deserves to be in? No one person is better than the next.Joanna then does her shoot at my home. I am very proud of her for being a voice for innocent, helpless animals. I however wasn't thrilled with Daysy saying I was hard at work shopping. Ha! Sure I love shopping, but I was actually getting my event prepared. I like to be as hands on as possible. I have a type A personality and consider myself a perfectionist. Sometimes that is my downfall. Daysy simply assists me in the process. My husband likes to poke fun of me when I get stressed. He has that joke that I am not used to work, when in fact I have worked very hard my whole life. I think, sometimes, that Lenny does not want me to work just so he can make jokes about me not working.

I of course don't expect my friends to lift a finger when they are guests at my home. Any one of them will tell you I am a very hospitable and gracious host. I didn't mind at all that Marta was enjoying the company of my friends and enjoying the beautiful day while I was getting the event together.  I had said that Marta seems like she is on an extended vacation, because she doesn't currently seem to be pursuing her dreams while in Miami, which is also the reason I said she may be a little lost. I hope she achieves all she desires and finds her way. I didn't mean those words to be unkind in any way. I sometimes feel that I am on an extended vacation and lost myself. I think we all go through it at some point in life.

Later that night I became incredibly stressed when the people working the event were not on time. They were of course on what I call "Miami time" where everyone is an hour late. Things never get done properly unless you do them yourself. My husband was clearly frustrated, because our guests were expected to arrive at any moment. I was unhappy with him, because I felt he was taking out his frustrations on me. Sometimes we do this to the people we love. I don't however let him get away with it, although my choice of words when I called him an a--hole was a little harsh. I could have handled him better, but I was already aggravated with the situation. Thank god we sorted this situation out just in time. Phew!

Lea had mentioned that she didn't expect the protocol for our event to be as rigid as a black tie event such as hers, and she is right on target with that. Our guests don't get assigned seats but rather are made to feel at home, meet as many other people as possible, and have fun. No sticks in asses allowed! I mentioned that she has never met celebrity she didn't like, because she clearly holds her celebrity friends in high regard. I am at the end of the day (as Karent would say) happy she came, it meant a lot to me. Marysol arrives and Karent immediately warned her that Joanna was unhappy about her lingerie choice because of the fur. I feel Joanna should have calmly pulled Marysol aside herself if she felt strongly enough and expressed her feelings about it. Obviously they aren't close enough to do that, which is probably also the reason Marysol didn't think about the possibility of offending Joanna or owe her an explanation. Coincidentally Lea was also wearing feathers herself, but no one's feathers were ruffled over that? Why was she exempt? She said herself that they were only fake for the night. Is everyone frightened of the "mayor" except for me?

The conversation quickly turned from fur to Joe Francis’s relationship with Marta and Joanna. He did offer too much information, but Karent did open that door by asking if she slept with both of them. Then to make the situation worse, Karent told Joanna in front of Joe that he had just said he slept with both of them. The question should never have been asked. Joanna then of course got irate with Joe. I felt embarrassed for everyone involved. I didn't appreciate any of this behavior at my event. Obviously no one cared enough that I worked very hard to make this event a success and that we were here to raise funds and awareness for an important cause. These issues should of been addressed at another time.

Joe Francis Slept with Joanna and Marta?
I finally make my grand entrance to the group of ladies. Lea was kind enough to call me "cute," which was definitely not the look I was going for, but was nice to see her make an effort to be nice to me. The hilariousness about my outfit I didn’t understand. What was so hilarious about it?

All of this chaos and the night has only just begun...

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