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Alexia's Birthday Drama

Alexia shares her thoughts on the Marysol/Lea situation and reveals her amazing birthday present.

By Alexia Nepola

I had a great start to my birthday, even though I had to go into the office to work because we were going to print. How cute were my girls holding a customized Venue Magazine Cover with all of us on it! I knew the day would only get better, and it did -- Herman surprised me with a new convertible Maserati that Frankie and I had customized. It's red inside, his favorite color.

Marysol comes by the office to visit and wish me a happy birthday, and of course, how could we not talk about Adriana's "Evite" to her wedding. Seriously, nothing surprises me from Adriana. Adriana was just being Adriana, and she loves all of that. I think she's in love with the idea of all her guests being in white, which is beautiful, and she's loving the theme of The Great Gatsby, which is glamorous, and just couldn't  make up her mind so she decided to do both, not taking into consideration how difficult and complicated it would be for her guests. I personally don't like themed parties, especially for a wedding, but it is her day and she can celebrate it however she wants. At the end of the day, people always criticize anyhow. So now they just have one more thing to talk about, LOL!

I only believe in having an IV in me when it's medically necessary, so that's why you don't see me with the girls at the Institute.

[video_clip_url:]Walking into Lea's office made me feel as if she had invited me to participate in her infomercial! LOL!  I've always admired Lea's skin and face and her love for beautiful skin, so I know that her products are a reflection of her.

The reason why I bring up to Lea the fact that she hadn't reached out to Marysol and Elsa is because I knew she would be seeing Marysol at my birthday party. I wanted Lea to know how Marysol was feeling about that issue, and I wanted to hear for myself why she hadn't reached out. Everything is so confusing. Why wouldn't Lea reach out to Elsa, and if she did, why would Marysol lie about it?

With that being said, it didn't surprise me that Marysol approached Lea at my party. She finally was able to tell Lea how she felt and what was bothering her. I had no clue that all that was going on in my party. I’m glad I didn't even see or hear it. I was doing what I should have been doing, which was having fun and enjoying myself with Herman, Peter, Frankie, and my family and friends. I haven't celebrated my birthday in 2 years, and nothing was going to ruin it for me that night. Life is fragile and short. We have to enjoy every minute of it, because every moment counts, and that’s just what I did![video_clip_url:] Until next week. Thanks again for all of your beautiful comments last week and all of your love, support, and prayers.

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Besos (Kisses),

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