Adriana's Wedding Full of Waiting

Adriana's Wedding Full of Waiting

Joanna shares her thoughts on Adriana's wedding.

Hello everyone,

Well this episode was quite something, huh? The good news for me is that I wasn't there. So NO, I didn't wait 1 1/2 hours for the ceremony. NO, I didn't wait 2 hours to start eating. NO, I didn't have to change clothes twice in the super hot summer of Miami while the bride was trying to get ready. NO, I wasn't part of the 10 poor people selected for this wedding party nor did I have to dress like it was the 1920s. NO, I didn't have to stay and pretend I was happy after hours of delay for...what again? Oh, and NO, I wasn't invited. I have never been so happy to say so many NOs. So let me stay out of this one...


Oh, and as far as Adriana saying, "Joanna can have my sloppy seconds," if it’s Lisa, I'll take sloppy seconds any day dear.My wedding was a true fairytale, and I know by the fact that everyone had a blast. Yes, we actually made sure our guests were guaranteed a wonderful time. You’ll get to see it soon enough, and you will love it!

Not much else to say, my friends, except I am really blessed that everything that is happening to me is REAL and wonderful.

The good news? Of course, the rest of the season gets much, much better...

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