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The Birkin Bag Bonanza

Lea swears she doesn't have as many Birkins as some people might think.

By Lea Black

Fun and More Fun

Finally! A weekend of fun. Loved the trip to LA. Love my house there, but no matter how many Birkin bags my friend Maxime brings over, the house is empty without RJ and Roy. P.S. I don't have as many Birkin bags as some people think! LOL!

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The Queen of Birkins

Lisa, Joanna, and I had so much fun! It was one laugh and giggle after the other. It was such a nice and refreshing change from being around negative energy and haters. The plane trip was hilarious. Lisa and Joanna are so easy to roll with. Well, except for Lisa's ridiculous amount of luggage! Geez! Going to Joanna's home and seeing how lovely and welcoming her mother and all the pets were was refreshing. Now I know why they call it Lala Land, LOL! I love Joanna's passion for animals and how her actions speak louder than her words. I was really glad it worked out for Lisa to stay with Joanna, because all of her luggage would never fit in my house!
In Awe of Joanna's LA Home

Lisa is fun and feisty, and even if we disagree, we say our peace and move on. People may think I'm different or distant or whatever people choose to think. But unless there's a reason for it, I prefer to handle my misunderstandings, disputes, and problems with people directly. And with Lisa and Joanna, it’s easy to do that.

The trip to San Diego was comically ridiculous. How can it take 5 hours to get somewhere that should take 2 hours? Well, two crazy blondes in the driver’s seat, that's how! I decided to just go along for the ride. It was a relaxing feeling knowing I wasn't the one having to make decisions or be on a deadline.So I hope this week was fun for you. I love the no-drama drama. It is lighthearted drama. We had lots of belly laughs and lots of "eye-rolls."

Spread the love and keep the peace,

Love Lea

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The "I Do's" Have Yet to Be Said
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