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The "Let's Blame Lea" Strategy

Lea responds to the false accusations from Alexia and Adriana.

By Lea Black

What am I, a Piñata?
Living life in the positive lane is a choice. It's tempting to ignore the haters, and it's usually not worth expending the energy on them, but when it comes down to desperate attempts to spread lies about me, I will once again defend myself.
For the record:
Alexia: Criticizing me because more "unknown sources" say that I "talk behind the girls' backs" as she is talking behind my back is quite ironic, isn't it? If I may rewind for a minute, the last so-called unknown source she cited, after throwing me under the bus based on what she knew to be a lie, was Adriana, according to Alexia who later "set the record straight." So I wonder if she will reveal this week’s mystery source? Was it someone on the streets again; or just another non-credible source? Incredible! Why does Alexia continue to listen to the haters and continue to repeat their false accusations and condone their lies? Will she continue to do other peoples' dirty work or will she finally wake up? Well, Alexia, let me be blunt: I'd rather have a real enemy than a fake friend.Alexia's justification of repeating the lie, that she cleared up on Twitter saying "Adriana" is the one who falsely claimed that I said her son should go to jail for 25 years, begs the question -- why did Alexia repeat Adriana's lie, knowing it was a lie? (Fortunately, I was able to I prove it was a lie with a newspaper article quoting me a few days after Peter's arrest on WWHL last week.) Alexia knows I reached out to her and her family with concern many times right after Peter was arrested. She also knows I've spent 19 years trying to keep kids out of jail and offering the opportunity for second chances.
And why talk behind my back while accusing me of talking behind theirs with, of course, other "un-named sources"? It’s exhausting, exasperating, and quite eye opening to say the least.
And Adriana, bless her heart. A simple, "Lea, I apologize for deceiving you and your friends." Was that so hard to say? That could have been the end of yet another contrived saga. But instead of accepting responsibility for her actions, she insults me, putting me in a position to defend myself and expose the truth and details that might have otherwise remained unsaid.
(She should thank her influencers and her conscience for that, but she will justify blaming me.) Telling the truth will have some collateral damage. It's unfortunate Adriana listens to haters who spew negative energy, and as a result, she has now gone from an underdog to an attack dog. The lady doth protest waaay too much. I have always been for the underdog.The unfounded accusation by Adriana, from another "un-named source" that I leaked the marriage certificate to Lesley Abravanel, a respected Miami Herald columnist, is another lie that I can once again prove is a lie. Please Google her article and scroll the comments section where you will see that the marriage certificate was initially posted on Twitter (and the Twitter source wasn't happy that she thought Lesley was taking credit for her breaking the story) and then Lesley went with the story in much more lurid, truthful detail. Adriana knew based on the article that it was a lie to suggest that I gave Lesley the story. Adriana took the "let's blame Lea" bait and strategy. And she did need someone to blame it on and an issue to deflect from the fact that she was married in a civil ceremony and said "I Do" on December 4, 2008.

Adriana vs. Lea

And by the way, why in the world would a woman be embarrassed because the media reported she was married? Most women would be proud of it, unless, perhaps they had been lying about it for five years. Stay tuned for the unlimited amount of explanations you will hear explaining the five-year lie. Adriana is very convincing -- I had a party in the ballroom of my home in May of last year and over 50 people watched as Frederic got on one knee and proposed to a beaming Adriana. The Marky's caviar was divine, and the champagne was flowing with the South Beach Ensemble playing classical music in the background of an opera performance followed by a celebratory toast and the fragrance and beauty of hundreds of rose petals dropping from the ceiling. Everyone celebrated the announcement that they were finally going to become husband and wife.
Perhaps the faithful Bravo viewers might want to ask these questions: How many times in the past 3 seasons did Adriana call her husband Frederic her fiancé? How many times did husband and wife discuss getting married? How many times did she threaten to call off said marriage? "Can I commit?" "Why have a ball and chain?" "Can I ever trust again?" "Let's wait 'til the boat is finished" she told us, as another way to postpone the marriage while she got "over her demons." Was every one of those conversations between husband and wife a lie? How did they come about? Who decided to say what?
Poor Frederic, doesn't he know that gentlemen don't call women bitches?

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And how did this marriage fable become my fault?
The audacity of it all is both baffling and appalling.There is only one truth and there are an infinite amount of lies that can be concocted at any time by named and "un-named" sources, and tonight's episode exposes the lengths to which some will go to manufacture lies, spread lies, shirk responsibility and shift the blame to others. Backstabbing through "un-named" sources is their method to besmirch me. And the saga will, of course, continue.
Once again, I wish Elsa the best of health and happiness and a full recovery.
And it was fun following Joanna and Romain and Lenny and Lisa -- seems perhaps they have enough good things going on in their lives to not have to take pot shots at me. It's refreshing to see real people enjoying fabulous lives.

Disgusting Tenants
Perhaps I should take compliment or be amused at how obsessed others are with me! Oh, being the piñata -- at least it is the center of attention! LOL!
Check out my 25 years in the beauty business and you will see my life's work is to empower women and encourage them to be everything they can be and more. I want to help others dream and fulfill their dreams and live a life of purpose. My favorite book, Do You Quantum Think by Dianne Collins, is a book about having life work for everyone -- and it's my daily handbook for living.
Years back, I wrote a philosophy brochure, and I have made it available for free at It will tell you how I live my daily life. Over 20 years ago, long before any of you knew of me or some of these girls (who like to think they know me) had ever heard of me, I wrote a beauty book about "Inner and Outer Beauty." The preface speaks to my mission of empowering women, and how we are what we think. These publications will share with you how I live my life and what's important to me. And those values from years back are still my values today.
The bottom feeding, desperate attempts to rag on me for a pat on the back from the haters or for attention saddens me. Shouldn't we as women and as human beings be rooting for and empowering and helping each other? In life you can choose to be up to good or up to no good. Notice any patterns here? LOL!Thank you for watching! And stay tuned! Hope you will comment below on my blog. I love hearing from you.
Jealousy, Sex, and Needing Help

Love, Lea
Spread the love and keep the peace.
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