Extra Stress

Extra Stress

Dina talks parenting, Danielle book drama, and more.

Hello Everyone,

Again, I would like to start off on a personal note. Monday night’s Project Ladybug fundraiser was unbelievable success. Thank you for all your well wishes and support! It’s hard to address this episode on the positive high…

Episode 4
Ugghhh…this episode was a doozy. I watched it with my jaw dropped to the ground. Let me begin with the “lighter” parts of the show...

I know that I am an overprotective mom, I always joke and say, "Lexi is my only child, I don’t have a spare." LOL. I was a wreck with her going out of the country without me. God, I am a wreck when she goes down the shore without me, and now this? I am happy to report that she made it home without any crazy disease or married to a foreign 21-year-old. I hope the comments I made didn’t offend anyone, I just couldn't forget the looks I got from all of the Greek men when I went to Greece as a young woman…and I was on my honeymoon! I know that those men are looking for pretty American women to have on their arms and they are not shy about it. Those Greeks are known to be lovers…

The fact that she was just sprouting in all the right, or in my opinion wrong places made me even more nervous. Every day she was looking more and more like a lady and less like my little girl. You should see her now. No more glasses, a little hourglass shape. She is a knock out and I think it’s time I lock her in the basement and not let her out 'til she is 30.

How GORGEOUS is Teresa’s house? I have to say I was so scared it was going to look like a catering hall by the way she would describe what she was ordering. Marble this, granite that, onyx here, wrought iron there...I was afraid. The end result is amazing and I think she should take over my Interior Design firm. As I was watching Danielle’s scenes my blood was boiling and then Teresa’s kids came on and cheered me up as usual. Gia in her room singing “I’m a little tea cup” as she is unpacking all her fabulous clothes and then her celli rings and it’s her agent?! You can’t write this stuff!!

Now, about this book…Let me make it PERFECTLY clear that we were SO against anyone other than us finding out about this book. We all agreed we didn’t want Danielle to know about the fact that we were aware of it. We all kind of agreed that we would take this information, keep it in the back of our minds and keep this woman in question at arms length. We had no idea if it was even true. Her ex-husband wrote this book and ex’s are ex’s for a reason. This was just the icing on the cake of Danielle - we had already realized on our own that she wasn’t our cup of tea.

We encouraged Jacqueline to do the same with this information. I guess she had her reasons to tell Danielle and if that’s what she needed to do...what are you gonna do? She admitted that we didn’t want Danielle to know that we knew about it. That kind of confused me. I have to admit at the time, I felt betrayed. I didn’t want the drama. I was working my ass off. My daughter was leaving the country, my mom was having surgery. I didn’t need the extra stress of Danielle knowing we had this information, and of course I knew somehow with Danielle, it would wind up being my fault. I am still trying to figure out why Danielle had it in for me.

My heart is BLEEDING for her girls right now. Of course this would have come up after we are put in the spotlight, but it would have been much easier for Danielle to clean this mess up if it were just a story in the NY Post. As much as Danielle and I don’t get along, this doesn’t feel good for me. No children should have to endure what her girls are probably going through. They are great kids as far as I can see, so I hope this does not affect them too much.

Hmmmmmmmm Let’s end this blog with a PEACE OUT ~ Dina xoxo

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