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Dina reacts to the 'Lost Supper' footage.

By Dina Manzo

One word...mortified.

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Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 premiere May 5th at 8/9c on Bravo and stream next day on Peacock.

I may be a bitch at times...I own that. A LIAR I AM NOT. After the reunion show I will post the truth. Let me just make it clear I was NEVER trying to deny the fact that I had something to do with the book. As you could see very clearly in past episodes, I talk about the book and admit discussing it with friends and family. Who the hell wouldn't? I was trying to tell Danielle at the dinner that I never showed it around town, which I NEVER did. How could you show something that you NEVER had possession of? We will discuss this after next week.

All I have to say is of all the things I try to instill in my daughter, NEVER LYING is way up there on my list. You could ask her...I always say if you make a mistake, own it. Don't ever lie, the truth always comes out in the end. I despise liars and think it is one of the most unflattering traits a person could possess. Enough said.

And Bethenny - there are other things in life than promoting a business. If you "paid attention" (Teresa's favorite words...LOL) you would realize that I have a foundation for sick children to promote. Sometimes it's not always about making money. Maybe you should make a donation with some of your SkinnyGirl money to Project Ladybug as an apology. Again, enough said. : )

For those of you who have asked about my dress, shoes, and necklace, my dress is by Alice and Olivia, my shoes are by my favorite Christian Louboutin and my Sapphire necklace is by

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