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Jacqueline addresses the Danielle rumors, and makes a special announcement!

The finale! Oh MY MY! How INTENSE was THAT? I cried when I watched the show. I was in a very hard position that day. I sat there and listened to everyone express some very hard feelings they had for each other and such strong emotions were coming out. My head was spinning. I REALLY didn't want to get involved. It was hard.

Although I heard the same rumors from a couple of people, one being from Danielle, who claimed that Dina and Caroline brought the book into the salon to show it around and talk about it together...I really had NO proof of that. I was not there. It was just a rumor. What made me freak out during the finale dinner was hearing Dina say that "Her hands never touched that book" and that she had "nothing to do with it," and so on. THAT I knew to be a lie because she was the one that told me about the book, but would not reveal to me who her sources were. Dina and Caroline voted on telling Teresa when I voted against it (although we all ended up telling her together.) Also, Dina admitted to me that she told some other people about the book, as we ALL did, so I thought that she was denying all of that and wasn't being honest. I am not one to lie. That is when I snapped. They were referring specifically to the salon incident and I was referring to the book in general. It was NEVER anyone's intention to expose the book on national TV. None of us mentioned it on TV first! It was Danielle's choice to bring out the book. She felt the need to address it, because she believed that gossip about the book had been spread all over town, and bringing out the book was the only way for her to address everyone at once and clear her name. Dina only planned to bring it out at the reunion show if and ONLY if Danielle attempted to expose her with false rumors. That is the ONLY way the book would have EVER been exposed. Danielle brought it out FIRST on TV and THEN we were all asked questions about it. My sister-in-laws never wanted anyone to know that they knew about the book, but I had a strong need to let Danielle know it was out there. I felt guilty knowing about it and I also had questions about it that I wanted answered, plus I wanted to give her a chance to explain it to me from her side. I protected my sister-in-laws and told Danielle that my husband heard about it from a source that he wouldn't reveal. I told her that my sister-in-laws knew nothing about it. I didn't want to embarrass her more by letting her know how many people knew about the book. She just needed to know that it was out there. That's all! Were the contents in that book true or not or even relevant at that point in time during our dinner? I don't know, but it was important for Danielle to explain herself and I respected that and she had the right to do so. I understood that. Maybe it wasn't the best timing brining out the book during our dinner and in front of the kids, but it was known to us that this was our finale so I guess she felt like this was really her last chance to get it all out in the open and confront everyone.

People will believe what they want or not believe what they want from the book regardless of what Danielle says. Just because someone says it's true or not true doesn't necessarily make it so. People will make up their own minds and have their own opinions. Needless to say, that dinner turned ugly FAST! What the HECK was in those Bellinis?! Don't "F" with Teresa! Holy cow! That was actually the first time in seven years that I EVER even saw her even angry. It was CRAZY! I guess the anger had been building up in her toward Danielle for a while. Some of her reasons why were not discussed or shown on the show. Danielle said it herself...she likes to push buttons. NEVER tell Teresa to "Pay attention." LOL! Everyone was out of control. I'm so over it! Time to make amends and move on. I love my family and I just want peace. I adore my husband so much for trying to be supportive of everyone and for trying to keep the peace. I am so proud of him and he is the best man I know (besides my Dad) and I love him sooo much for it. I am a very lucky girl.

As you see, Ashley finally earned her car! We took my Dad's advice and didn't give her full control of it. In the beginning we only let her drive it to school and back and she earned more and more time with the car as she acted appropriately. My husband and I controlled the keys. It was great to see her reaction to the car - I know that she was very surprised and it made us feel good that she worked hard for it that summer and that we could give it to her.

How cute are my parents? They are the sweetest, most down to earth people you will ever meet in your life. My Dad is a retired Army Colonel and retired Vice president of Operations of a major hotel in Las Vegas, NV. I am very proud of them and we are very, very close. We speak DAILY to each other and visit each other often. How cool is their motor coach? We once traveled the entire Alaskan Highway in that coach one summer. It was an incredible experience! I think everyone should experience this at least ONCE in his or her lifetime. Anyway, I trust and respect my parents' advice and opinions. I always consult with them. I ended up doing the Botox in my forehead regardless of my Mom's horror stories about it ending in death. All of her stories end in death when she is trying to prevent me doing something she doesn't approve. She has a story for every food you can eat or medicine you can take or cosmetic procedures you can get, etc. I took my foolish chances to remove the wrinkles in my forehead, which resembled a Shar Pei dog. It's all worn off now, but I am seriously considering doing it again. I'm a rebel. Haha!

I go in today, Thursday, June 11th, to give birth to our baby Boy Nicholas! We are soo excited! I'm writing my blog now because I may not get a chance later. Congratulations to Teresa on her pregnancy as well! Little Nicholas will have a playmate in September. I can't wait to find out what she is having. :o) Lauren went on to get her Cosmetology license so I am very proud of her and excited for her future. Ashley hit some rough spots again this year but she is pulling it together and I believe she will come out just fine. She is a good kid.

The family, as always, despite our little battles from time to time, is closer than ever and I am thrilled. Nothing is better than family! :o) I am so glad everyone has resolved their differences and my new son isn't being born in the middle of a shit storm. With some recent shocking developments I have cut the toxic people from my life. I'm not going to talk about it - I am just going to act on it. Let's just say I was very disappointed with people, and I regret giving them my heart and time. Because of that rejection, I am now the target of a pathological liar. Fuggetaboutit! On to a more happy, healthy life - PEACE EVERYONE!

Someone asked what the writing on the wall in my kitchen says. In Italian it means, "God Bless This Family."

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