'Real' NJ Life: Albie Manzo

'Real' NJ Life: Albie Manzo

Albie talks about Jersey life, and what NJ guys look for in a girlfriend!


Bravotv.com: How has your life changed since starring on The Real Housewives of NJ?
Albie: It’s been so much fun starring on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing my family on TV, but everyone has been so great to us so far. Facebook has been getting a lot more friend requests, but I love talking to people who have seen the show. I write back to almost every message I get, it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Which storyline (besides your own) do you find most interesting on the show?
It’s hard for me to choose my favorite storyline. I absolutely love watching Teresa’s family; Joe and their girls always make me laugh. They are so much fun to be around. It’s great to see how far some people have come since we started filming. I’m so proud of Lauren and all her accomplishments since starting at artistic academy. I’m excited to see what she does with it because she clearly is very talented and has the personality to back it up. She’s gonna do big things, wait and see. Chris finally has a desk over at Brownstone U. I love to joke about it, but I give him a ton of credit for sticking it out over there. It’s a lot of hard work and he’s great at what he does. If there is a season 2, Bravo needs to pick up their game and get some more footage of papa dukes and my uncles, because those guys would steal the show.

Are you single? What do Jersey guys look for in a girlfriend?
I like a girl that’s independent, down to earth, that can make me laugh. I’m not into drama, except on Tuesday nights. School makes the likelihood of any relationship working slim. I always tell my friends, sometimes I feel like I’m dating law school. The entire thing just completely consumes your life, the second you get distracted it could come back to haunt you so staying focused has been my main priority.

Are there any misconceptions about you that you'd like to clear up?
YES. #1: I am not as dependent on my mother as it may seem. I lived in New York for four years on my own while I was at Fordham, so believe me, I can take care of myself. At the same time, I’m very close with my family and appreciate the kind of relationship we have, especially with my mom and dad. #2 I’m not THAT serious! I may come off like I’m this really serious guy, but trust me, I’m a Gemini, and I do have a much more easygoing side that loves to have fun.

Have you ever watched any of the other Housewives series?
Yup, I finally got to meet Vicki and Briana the other night from RHOC and they were awesome. I actually met Bethenny before RHNJ came out in Atlantic City and she was very nice. I met Jill about a month ago in New York and she was very cool as well.

What's your take on Danielle's book scandal?
I’m going to hold off on commenting on Danielle until after the finale, I just think it makes more sense that way.

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