Bringing It Big

Bringing It Big

Tamra talks parenting, plastic surgery, teen pregnancy, and more.

I'm still loving JERSEY. These girls bring it in a BIG way. Honesty and down to earth people make for good TV. These girls are not afraid of what other people think and we love it!

Teresa with her daughter is adorable, but a little nauseating. I am not a big fan of parents pushing their kids into pageants and commercials. But Gia clearly wants to be a star and Teresa just might be living through her daughter's dreams. I just worry about what kind of diva that little girl is going to be when she is 15. Watch out!

Ashley and J's story reminds me a lot about what I was going through when Ryan was 17. My advice to J is get a hold of that teenager now. Ride her like sea biscuit. No new car...No cell phone...No privileges...NO WAY! Caroline son was so on target when he said, "What are you going to buy her when she get arrested?" (Something like that.) Park the car in the driveway with a sign on it saying, "This is what you can have IF you bring your grades up and start acting responsible, until then, take the bus." If I had the chance to do it all over with Ryan, I would. I know it is hard but it's not impossible.

Danielle has a "spa party" which didn't look very relaxing to me at all. More like a beauty torture party. Now, we all know that I am NO stranger to Botox and I have done my lips once or twice. But seeing the needles go into her lips almost made me throw up. I loved Caroline's reaction to all the procedures and in theory I agree with her, but looking in the mirror, my mind tells me differently. Dina claims she doesn't do any of it, but I don't believe her at all. I can spot a little Botoxed babe when I see one and those lips look a bit bigger than her siblings.

Danielle seems like a mess to me, but you still want to watch her. Kind of like the accident you pass on the road that you have to look to see if you can spot blood. (Come on be honest, what else are you looking for?) First we see her computer dating and talking about phone sex and now a week later she claims to have a boyfriend half her age. Which reminds me of a shirt that was sent to me a couple weeks ago that said, "COUGAR...shagging balls since '69." Maybe I should send it to her?

Keep up the great work Jersey. I can't wait for next week.

On a personal note, I have been very busy and I'm finding it hard to get my blog out on time...SORRY! I am working on a skin care line with Dr. Milind Ambe that is in production now and hope to have it on HSN soon. I am also working with Mary's Shelter in Orange County something that I am very passionate about (since I was a teenage mom.) It is a wonderful organization that helps pregnant teens that are homeless. I toured the facility today and it was very hard to keep the tears back. All of their stories will break your heart. I beg you to visit their website and support them any way you can. Which leads me to writing a book about teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise and I am dedicated to bringing awareness to this issue and how we can prevent it.

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