Happy Wife, Happy Life

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Teresa congratulates Jacqueline, and refutes comments Danielle has made about her.

To address Danielle's comment about me not having a mind of my own - that is completely untrue. Had I listened to the warnings and rumors from everyone about Danielle upon meeting her, I would have never been friends with her in the first place. I chose to give her a chance and became her friend and got to know her first. I wanted to judge her based on my own experiences, and I wanted to use my own mind to make my own judgment.

Jacqueline I knew you were never broken. You and Chris are going to make a beautiful baby boy.

We couldn't be happier to be in our house, the looks on my daughter's faces were absolutely precious and I will never forget that. I adore my delicious and juicy husband, my three fabulous daughters, and my new baby to come. They are my life!

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