I Need a Mental Shower

I Need a Mental Shower

Alex McCord reacts to both parts of the reunion, and no one's innocent.

It’s Labor Day, and Simon and I spent a lovely weekend in Asbury Park, NJ with friends at the Paradise Tea Dance. How fitting that we’re watching the final, finale, finito last episode of New Jersey Season 2 in a gorgeous home on the shore with many, many housewives and husbands who are not on TV but no less real.

I didn’t write about Part 1 of the reunion, partly because of the shock. It’s no secret that I know all of the ladies to varying degrees, and am not objective. I like Teresa personally, though I cannot fathom how she and Joe got into the situation they currently face. I also could not believe her behavior during the first part of the reunion. I am not a fan of Danielle’s; however, no one deserves to be screamed at in the way Teresa screamed at Danielle. No one. I don’t particularly like Danielle, but I don’t blame her one bit for walking away.

Jacqueline brought up “married men” out of absolutely nowhere. Did she feel suddenly that she wasn’t slinging enough mud and needed to jump in? Maybe it was editing, but I often feel that when Danielle is concerned, accusations just come out of nowhere.

Can anyone on this show just apologize without qualifiers? It seems like that’s impossible. Danielle apologized for replying to the tweet where someone wished Ashley would kill herself, and I was happy that was brought up on the show because I remember seeing that online and thinking that there’s no way that Danielle could have responded without seeing the whole tweet. I appreciate her apology but do not believe that she didn’t read it. I think Danielle probably responded in the moment, then felt badly about it afterward. Would have been nice if she had said that.The hair-pulling visual aid was silly to me. Melodramatic and not necessary, though it looked like Andy had fun.  

Kim G. arrived, and was so excited to be there she nearly jumped up and down like a puppy. She and Danielle had their words, and I literally could not believe that Teresa demanded an apology from Kim for tweeting mean comments about the Giudice’s financial problems while simultaneously refusing to apologize for calling Kim on the stripper pole disgusting. My opinion? Neither of those comments were OK, and both were guilty as hell. I need a mental shower.

After Kim’s exit and Andy’s poll over who didn’t know she was coming, suddenly everyone grew up. The qualifiers on all the apologies dropped away and everyone seemed to get real. Have to say I was on the edge of my seat for the first time all season, wondering what would happen next. I couldn’t believe that Jacqueline and Danielle apologized to each other, that Teresa had a civil conversation with her, that after all this Danielle offered hugs to both Teresa and Jacqueline. Wow. I don’t know all the back story of season one and the previous relationships, and I admit that prior to tonight’s episode, the opinion I had of Caroline, Teresa, and Jacqueline had slipped last week. I couldn’t believe how crazy everyone had let themselves get over Danielle, and was thrilled to see all guns down. Good for Caroline for sticking to her feeling that she didn’t buy anything, and good for the rest for sticking to their own opinions. Andy has confirmed today that Danielle has left the show, so that’s that.

Have a great autumn, and I’ll continue to blog the D.C. Housewives amongst getting the chums ready for school, Simon’s new business, and my newest venture. To find out what else we’re up to, add us on Facebook or follow Simon and yours truly on Twitter.

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