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You've Been Served!

Jacqueline opens up about her relationship with Danielle and the Brownstone drama.

By Jacqueline Laurita


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Buckle up! This will be an EXTRA LONG blog. Feel free to skip to the paragraphs that interest you. That's fine with me. A few people complain when I write about Danielle. You say I sound bitter. I am and rightfully so. I do appreciate your advice but just so you are aware, we ARE in season right now and this blog is meant for me to unload on anything pertaining to the show and the people involved in it so therefore that is exactly what I use it for. Danielle is a character on our show that has had a big negative influence on my life as well as many others I care about. As long as Danielle is on our show I WILL vent my frustrations about her on here. It is relevant to the show and some people DO want to know. If you can't handle it, DON'T READ IT! It is simple as that. Danielle expects it. Don't judge me for judging others because that would be hypocritical. I have my own opinions of people just like you do. We won't always agree. You are as entitled to your own opinion as I am. Moving on...

Bringing home Audriana. It is such a special moment when you bring your newborn baby home for the first time. I remember the feeling when I first put Nicholas into his crib. I felt like he was always meant to be here with us. He fit right in. Does that make sense? It was such an overwhelming feeling of peace, joy and love that he was finally here, in my arms, in our home, where we waited for him for so long. I found myself staring at him for hours, smiling, looking at every part of his cute little face, fingers and toes. I still do. It was great to see Ashley and CJ bonding with him and giving him love. Teresa's kids are the same way with Audriana. They love her with everything they have. It is so sweet to watch. They will all have such a close, special bond as sisters when they are older. They are lucky to have each other and the family that they have. I still wonder if Teresa will have any more children. I think so. Joe thinks so. Teresa does not think so. I thought it was funny when Joe said to Teresa, "You pushed that kid out like she was a ping pong ball." LOL!

What is it with guys and their refusal and fear of getting "the snip"? It's NO BIG DEAL and a guy's recovery is nothing compared to that of a woman tying her tubes. Your parts still work the same after for God sake. It's not like they cut your balls off or pull a Lorena Bobbitt on you. I think most men have a misconception of what getting "the snip" really consists of. It's a mental thing. In the cosmetology world, we never tell a child that we are going to "cut" their hair. We say "trim" because it sounds less painful. Maybe we should tell men they are going to get "the trim" and see how that plays out. Just a thought. I have had this same conversation with my husband. When Joe said," I'm not that guy." My husband started laughing because HE'S not that guy either. I wish some men would take into consideration that women go through a whole pregnancy and childbirth, sometimes multiple times, for their men and it would be a very considerate gesture on a man's part to fix themselves to at least spare your woman from having to avoid more unnecessary trauma to their bodies. It's the LEAST men could do. My husband got lucky because we made the decision to cut, tie and burn my tubes during my C-section while I was already opened up. It just made sense to do it then. We took into consideration our ages, the fact that it took so long to have Nicholas, and felt like we were already so blessed and grateful to have three healthy children. Unless we decide to adopt, there will be no more babies in our future together. Although it makes me sad to know that, I do look forward to having grandkids someday. SOMEday!

I wanted to point out an interesting observation. Danielle and my neighbor Kim G. went to a bar in my town about two minutes from my home called Endless Vine. Danielle does NOT live in our town. Danielle is aware that this is a bar that Chris and I go to. Why didn't Danielle feel the fear of running into us THAT night and felt brave enough to go there without her back up but yet she felt the fear enough to attend the Brownstone to have to bring her whole army of felons with her to a benefit for a baby with cancer? Strange isn't it? SOMEthing is not adding up. Think about it.


Caroline stating in her interview that her and Kim G. had always been JUST "polite acquaintances" PROVED that Danielle was ridiculously lying and pointlessly trying to stir up trouble when she told Kim at her luncheon that she was made "painfully aware" that Kim was "Caroline's friend and to stay away because Caroline owned her." If Danielle sincerely felt that way and thought that to be true and MEANT what she said about NOT wanting to "come in between them" WHY did she invite Kim anyway, along with Caroline's sister and her sister-in-law (me)? EXACTLY!!! CALCULATING!

Caroline chose to decline Kim G.'s invitation to lunch with her because she knew Kim G. was just starting to hang out with Danielle and didn't want Danielle having window into her world. Why ruin a perfectly good "polite acquaintance" with Kim after all of these years by getting in the middle of a friendship triangle with dirty Danielle. Makes sense. Their sons have been friends for years and so has one of Kim's nieces. Caroline didn't want to screw up their relationships by a potential conflict caused by having Danielle in the mix stirring up trouble as usual. That's all there was to it. Caroline can spot potential hazardous relationships and will avoid them. That is one example of how we are different. I take each relationship individually and give it a shot even if I see the red flags. I tend to walk around them at first and proceed with caution.

Dina's assessment of Danielle being a sociopath was "SPOT ON" as Danielle would say. I agree with that 100%. I love how you see Gia performing all by herself in that scene with Teresa and Dina. Gia is always on. She is always practicing dancing, gymnastics, acting, singing and so on, ALL ON HER OWN. No push from Mama Teresa. She is GIAAAAAA!

Albie and Lauren were doing me a favor by talking to Ashley and Derek. Ashley goes to Albie for advice and relies on him for help at times. I wanted him to get an idea where their heads are with each other and figure out what their plans are for the future. Albie is such a good kid. He was thinking and speaking very maturely in what he had to say to Derek in Ashley. We all have the same concerns for the both of them. Derek is a great kid too. What was not mentioned on the show was that besides Derek working at Blockbuster, he also works with Autistic adults and goes to college full time. He is a hard worker. I feel that Ashley has more maturing and growing up to do before she should start thinking about marriage or babies. Derek is only Ashley's second boyfriend. When I say that I don't want Ashley to make the same mistakes I made by having kids so young, I did not mean AT ALL that Ashley, herself, was a mistake. Ashley's father and I were very young when we wanted to get married and have a baby and we both really believed we were ready for it. We were 19 years old. I was 20 when Ashley was born. We had no idea what was involved and we were not fully prepared for the responsibilities that came along with being married and raising a child. We were not emotionally, mentally, or financially ready for it. We just wanted to play house. We were in love. I was much like Ashley at her age. I did about two years of community college. I went from wanting to be a teacher, to a nurse, to later going through beauty school and getting my cosmetology license. Her Father went through a few of his own changes. We ended up in divorce when Ashley was only 17 months old. It was a very hard time in my life. I was left with the sadness of trying to figure out where the marriage went wrong, the anger and the fear of how I was going to raise this beautiful little girl on my own, the regrets of why I hadn't finished college. I felt lost and scared about our future. Thank God for my parents who guided me and helped me pull through it all. Most of the kids my age were doing what kids my age did. I was in a different place than most and had more responsibilities. I didn't have the freedom to come and go as I pleased. I had a little girl relying on me to be there for her. Although Ashley was a joy and I loved having her, it wasn't easy. I don't want Ashley to have to feel and go through what I had to go through. I want Ashley and Derek to have the time to become who they want to be and who they are going to be individually, creating stable lives for themselves first, before trying to merge their lives together. Sometimes people do grow apart on their path to becoming who they are as they get established in their lives.



I decided to go into great detail when discussing the Brownstone/Benefit Danielle drama. I feel the reputation of the Brownstone, that Danielle tried her best to destroy, was important enough to take my time and break this whole evening down into each calculated move Danielle made. I will number them to make it easier for you to read and understand my points.

1. Danielle was asked to attend a benefit for a baby with cancer by the father of the baby who she just met through the brother who owns a diner that Danielle frequents. Her motivation for accepting to do this charity was never in best interest of this sick child. She used this benefit for a dual purpose. To draw attention to her narcissistic self and pursue her vendetta against the Manzos.

2. Danielle says she would like to make a sizable donation to this benefit through her friends. (Only Kim G donates $300.)

3. Danielle claims she has no money to donate and cries about not being able to buy school supplies for her children or electricity for the house at times but yet she seems to be able to afford her expensive bags and shoes, shopping sprees, hair extensions, fake nails, pedicures, Botox, lip injections, facials, "honorary" luncheons, attorneys, Starbucks at least three times daily, drives a Range Rover, etc. Just sayin'

4. Danielle feels that since she is an "honored" guest that she is entitled to bring whomever she chooses. Danielle decides to bring 12 extra guests including the Hells Angels and a couple of ex cons unannounced to a charity for a baby with cancer. None of them donate but expect to eat and drink for free all night and assume they have a table waiting for them that they never paid for. They are just there in hopes to intimidate and protect Danielle from the Manzos. She claims she is still terrified of Caroline for her calling Danielle garbage a year ago at the reunion show when she's had zero contact with her since. She also invites Kim G. because Kim drives a Bentley, has a driver and will also help protect her. The REAL reason being Danielle thought Caroline was thinking she was friends with Kim G. and she wanted to throw her friendship with Kim in Caroline's face. Her intentions of bringing these extra guests had nothing to do with her helping to raise money for this sick child. Her motives were all self serving.


5. Caroline had asked Christopher to avoid Danielle when possible. Albert tells Christopher that Danielle is a guest like everyone else and to treat her like any other guest. They realize it's a public place and anyone is welcome. We ALL know Danielle is going to be there and we ALL avoid the Brownstone like the plague. We are not looking to intimidate or terrorize Danielle. That is Danielle's game plan and HER way. Danielle used a sick baby's benefit for her own quest for revenge with no regard for who the true guest of honor was or the mission the family was trying to accomplish.

6. Danielle arrives over an hour and a half late to the Brownstone with her Motley crew to attend the sick baby's benefit. She likes to make a grand entrance. After all, in her narcissistic mind, this event is about her.

7. Christopher sees Danielle pulling up and listens to his mother by walking away to avoid confrontation. He clearly does not want conflict.

8. Danielle approaches Christopher to shake his hand and thank him for allowing her to be there. He is very polite in return. Danielle, on the other hand, being the phony she is, states in her interview that she only approached and talked to him to send him an intentional psychological F' YOU and to let him know that she is walking into HIS second home, HIS place of business and it felt good to her. This hostility and calculating move was intended toward a KID who never has done ANYthing to Danielle. This aggression is coming from a grown woman towards a young man.

9. Christopher sees how overly dressed up Danielle and Kim G. were compared to the casually dressed people that were already attending the benefit. He makes a comment to Kim G. that they are "Going to be surprised" when they go upstairs. When Kim asks, "Why?" Just READ THE CAPTIONS on your TV as Christopher is answering her. It clearly says that Christopher thought they were overdressed. It was a hunting theme and the grand prize was a shot gun. NOTICE Danielle was nowhere around when Christopher and Kim G. had that conversation, yet Danielle speaks of it in her interview as if she was there and heard it for herself. She claims Christopher said it in a "sadistic manner." If you watch it again you will see that it just isn't so.


10. Danielle goes to be seated at her appointed "Preakness table" when she realizes there isn't enough room for her unannounced guests. One of her classy ex felon guests demanded the Brownstone put another "F'n table" in the room immediately. I can assure you that he never said that to one of the Manzos because I guarantee if he had, the outcome would have been a LOT different.

11. Please note how accommodating the Brownstone was being and it was never good enough for Danielle. Please also note that it is NOT the Brownstone who decides the seating charts for any events that are held there. The person holding the event told the Brownstone how may tables to put in the room based on the amount of tickets sold. When there are 12 extra people unannounced, guess what? There won't be a table set up waiting for them. Common sense.

12. At one point the baby's uncle showed Danielle at table of six that was available. She turned her head away from it and ignored that fact. She apparently didn't like the location. Meanwhile, her biker gang was starting to make a scene that Danielle seemed to be enjoying and proud of … "That's how WE roll!" Chuckle, chuckle – Danielle.

13. While a giant slide show of the beautiful sick baby played on the screen behind her, Danielle smiles, poses for pictures and laughs at the ruckus her Motley Crew were causing in the entrance to the room. Danielle has made a circus out of this very important fundraiser for a very special sick little baby girl in TOTAL disregard for this families sensitive struggles. It disgusts me that a mother of two girls could behave in this manner and surround herself and her children around those dangerous people. What kind of example is this for her children?

14. Just when you think she can't get any worse, she steps out of the room with her ex con, wanna be Gangster (Wangster) Danny for a little "consensus" update on whether or not they are going to "wreck the place" and "start something." Danielle's only stipulation in her command to this felon, with his Napoleon complex, was to not hurt the family of the little girl. How very caring of her. Besides that, tough guy has her permission to "let loose" on anyone else. WOW! If she was so concerned about this family and the well being of their beautiful little girl, why would she even have invited this group of classless, reckless junkies to a benefit as sensitive at this one in the first place? She turned it into a circus and made it all about herself and her vendetta. SHAME ON HER! Disgusting.


15. At this point the family just wants Danielle and her gang to leave. The hurt in the baby's mother's eyes from what Danielle was causing at their fundraiser for their daughter was heartbreaking. The Brownstone never asked Danielle or her gang to leave. Danielle makes her rounds to each table before she leaves in a final attempt to defame the Brownstone by lying to everyone saying the Brownstone purposely did not have a table waiting for them and blamed Christopher for throwing her out, yet she decides to leave with "DIGNITY." LOL! Seriously??? Yes, her and her wild pack of dogs left with "dignity" with their tails between their legs. How grateful we are to them. Thank you so much for not "wrecking the place." How "love and light" of you Danielle.

16. As they are almost out the door, Danielle tries to ignite the fuel, once again, in Napoleon by telling him what Christopher said about the "surprise" they would find upstairs. She waits by the exit looking for someone to overhear tough guy's quiet challenge to start a war. No one is listening and nobody cares. Danny then starts to call the Manzos punks and Christopher, a 20 year old, a "Faggot" a few times in a derogatory manner while Danielle just stood there smirking and tight lipped, enjoying it all. Isn't that interesting that last year when Joe, without any malicious intent, said that word about a friend, Danielle jumped all over that and persecuted him for doing so, yet she doesn't say a WORD to HER friend when he says it viciously toward a 20 year old boy?

17. Outside the Brownstone the bashing continues. Danielle even makes a comment on how the Manzos have the nerve to call HER garbage and tells them to "Take a look in the mirrors sistas." and" How could they do this to a baby with cancer?" Golly, I don't know if delusional Danielle realized it or not but the MANZO "sistas" WEREN'T EVEN THERE! OMG! I really think she was SERIOUS and self believing when she tried to blame shift like that. HOLY CRAZY CRAP BALLS! Danielle is CLEARLY the one who doesn't have a firm grip on reality. Somebody PLEASE step in and help this woman before she self destructs any further!

18. Danny may be able to put that 20 year to lifer look he's been practicing to good use soon if he continues on this path. Some advice for Danny, if you want someone to hear your threats and trash talk, try saying it to the face of the person that you want to hear you instead of behind closed doors. It's much more effective.


Despite Danielle's HORRIBLE ("Whore"able) reputation, I gave her the benefit of the doubt even with all of the red flags surrounding her. I tried my best to believe in Danielle. I tried my best to help her and get her to fit in. I tried my best to change the opinion of others about her so that she could have a second chance in society. I fell for her victim and poor single mother act in the beginning. I felt sorry for her. I fought for her. I can honestly say did. For the few people that keep thinking that my dislike for Danielle is all about my family brainwashing me or just about her past … OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS PEOPLE! Do you SERIOUSLY think her behavior has changed much and that she is making much better choices NOW than she did 25 years ago? Seriously? Get real! There is always more to the story than what you are seeing so keep that in mind as well. I feel like I am very justified in my feelings toward Danielle. From what I know, backed up with facts, the things I learned and witnessed from my own experiences with Danielle, in the moments that I have witnessed her treat and talk TO others and ABOUT others, her MANY lies she has told about me, my family, others and even about HERSELF, the conflicts I've seen and CONTINUE to see her trying to cause between others, her narcissism, her conning, calculating ways, her phony persona, and that she HASN'T changed much of her life for the better in 25 years, I believe, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that she is NOT a good OR a well person. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it. For ANYbody to NOT understand where I am coming from at THIS POINT...I'm sorry but I can't explain it any better than I already have and you will NEVER convince me any different. I know what I know about her and TRUST me, it's a LOT more than YOU know. I have experienced Danielle first hand. I AM JUSTIFIED and yes, bitter too. I'm dealing with it.

Danielle made a statement in her last blog that said, "It is the Brownstone's job to SERVE people." Guess what Danielle … YOU'VE BEEN SERVED!!!

For those that are interested in helping the family of Emanuela, please go to Thank you!

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