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Familiar Strangers

Kathy gives her thoughts on Joey and Teresa's meeting and Teresa's comments about their relationship.

By Kathy Wakile

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Hello, everyone! Happy Father's Day. It was a gorgeous weekend here in New Jersey. We went to the shore and had a terrific time with family and friends. Lots of fun in the sun. Way too much eating, but what do you expect when you get the families together? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

Here we go, I know that you have all been waiting to see Joey and Teresa sit down and talk things out. It was a very big step for Teresa to write a letter to Joey in hopes of resolving things. I'm curious however, why she had such a hard time telling Joey what she was sorry for after she wrote an apology in the letter? Maybe it's just me, but if you're making an apology, it loses a bit of sincerity if you can't explain what you are sorry for. The look of disappointment on Joey's face broke my heart. He looked like he was five years old again. As they sat there looking at each other, the only thing that comes to my mind is "familiar strangers." It's very sad for both of them. 

I'm glad that Teresa remembers the time when she and I were close. Since I am the older cousin, I often had a different perspective on things. I always try to be fair and help her see another point of view. Often times it isn't what Teresa wanted to hear, but if you can't rely on family to give it to you straight, then who will? That's the funny thing about advice, no matter how strong it comes at you, it's up to you to take. Unfortunately if you don't take advice, sometimes the cost can be very high. Hearing and listening are two very different things. At least now I know Teresa did actually hear me when I was talking. 

I find it very funny that Teresa calls me two-faced. She calls me her sister, then says I was trying to get to her by being close to her brother and Melissa. Let me set one thing straight, Teresa and Joey are both my cousins, so of course it's important that I reach out to their significant others. Stop trying to drag me into your problems with Melissa. If family IS everything to her, why does she say that I did her a favor by hanging out with Melissa and Joe so now she doesn't have to see either of us? And she's calling me two faced? It's exhausting just listening to the way she tries to explain herself. 

I'm very glad for Teresa that she has such good friends like Jacqueline and Caroline, but it stings when she says that her friends are better than family. But Teresa doesn't really listen to her friends either. When Jacqueline tries to make her see another point of view, why does Teresa tell her that she is analyzing too much? Let's look at this a little closer; Teresa and Joey were so close. She says that Joey was her life. Teresa gets married. It's OK for her to have a life, but not Joey? Doesn't Joey deserve to have a life that includes a wife and children? Why does Teresa feel the need to bring up to Jacqueline that Joey was engaged twice before he met Melissa? How is that relevant? 

The thing that I find the most disturbing about this whole episode is that Teresa has the nerve to call Melissa a gold digger. Melissa worked her way through college with three jobs, without a father. When did a hard working student trying to make something of her life become the definition for gold digger? Furthermore, I find that completely insulting to Joey. With all of Joey's amazing qualities he's a complete package, with or without money, He's easy to fall in love with. Does his own sister think that the only thing that he has going for himself is money? Melissa didn't marry him for his money. Even after all this time and three children later, she has the nerve to say that. It's obvious that they have so much love and mutual admiration for one another, you can sense it every time you're around them.

I'm going to end my thoughts with just one more comment. Teresa says that when people push her buttons, she speaks her mind. Then it's only fair that if someone else wants to speak their mind, Teresa should be grown up enough to hear it. 

On a much lighter note, I enjoyed listening and watching Caroline as she starts with her radio show and the next chapter in her life. I wish her the best of luck. I think it was really sweet to see the little vulnerable side of her as she starts this new phase of her life. Can't wait for all of you to see what's coming up next for her. 

Have a great week. See you next Sunday. 

Lots of love, 

Kathy xoxo 

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