Kathy thinks the adults could learn a lot from the children.

Hello everyone, we’re back! Did you miss us? I sure missed you guys, so I just wanted to say a few words before I start my blog… As I sat and watched the events and memorials in the week leading up to anniversary of 9-11, I couldn’t help but be struck by the knowledge that so many families are still devastated by the events of that day and mourning the loss of loved ones. The country suffered a collective loss that so many of us still feel so deeply... So instead of writing my blog on Sunday, I stayed home with my husband and kids and enjoyed family time. I felt like I needed to count my blessings for what we have and live each day and be thankful. So on that note I will keep things in perspective and try to keep things positive.

Now back to Housewife reality and writing the blog…I’d like to make a few comments on the episode. First of all there’s nothing like the spirit of a little friendly competition to get everyone’s blood pumping and ready to compete for the 5K run. This run was for a good cause to provide housing for disabled veterans and people with disabilities and so why not…I am a good runner and enjoy participating in charity events, so when Caroline asked me to join, Rich and I were glad to help out. Victoria and Joseph are both runners too. It turned into a great way to start off our Sunday together. I started running years ago as a way to manage my weight, but as time has gone by, I have grown to enjoy the time I’m running to be alone with my thoughts. Running is the most amazing way to get your heart pumping. I love the way it makes me feel. Feeling great and taking care of your heart is after all the most important thing to me. It’s what’s on the inside that really counts for me. When our physical appearance fades, your heart is what sustains you later on in life. Of course everyone says little silly negative things here and there, but no one wants to hurt anyone, and it was all in the spirit of good fun. 

I was happy to go to Milania’s birthday party. It was so cute to see all the kids together. I miss that time with my kids when my they were younger and their cousins, friends, and classmates all got together to celebrate birthdays.

My heart broke for Gia when she sang that song. She’s a smart little girl who is very sensitive and she knows what’s going on. It just points out the innocence of children with their pure hearts. They don’t see all the things that cloud our judgment. They look at the world from an unjaded perspective and they see things for what they are. They just know their hearts. I think we all can learn a lesson here -- we need to step back and listen to our kids sometimes. They put it very simply and seem to leave out all that baggage that we adults bring along.

Things really start to heat up as we all take off for Punta Cana. Stay with us to share a truly unique experience. Talk to you next week…

Lots of Love, 

Xoxo Kathy



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