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Dreams Do Come True

Melissa shares her excitement about her single release.

By Melissa Gorga

Hi everyone! Wow, what an amazing week! I released On Display! So happy with the response so far. I love that you all are singing in your cars, running on your treadmills, singing around the house, and listening to my song! Wow! Dreams do come true! I’m beside myself about the whole thing! To have Ryan Seacrest do the world premiere was just more than I could have ever asked for. I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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This was kind of a sad episode right? A lot of crying going on... I think so many people relate to us because we put it all out there. We show you guys what’s really going on. When my sisters stopped by and let me know that my father reached out to me with a medium, I was really in shock. My whole body got the chills and I couldn’t hold back the tears. I just could visualize his face and those were words that he would say, “Stay grounded.” Sorry I just lost it. I don’t usually believe in that kind of stuff, but something hit me inside, and I felt it was true. I know he’s jamming up there to On Display! Love him!

OK how beautiful is Lauren Manzo?  She has amazing style and is a very talented make-up artist. She really is the whole package -- beautiful inside and out. Lauren is such a warm and lovable person, and I think she’s perfect just the way she is. It was hard watching her tell Caroline that no matter how much weight she loses, she’ll never feel good about the way she looks. Watching Caroline cry made me cry. The way a mother loves her daughter is so special, it’s like we want to be hard on them, but we would do anything to fix whatever problem they have. We wish we could take it from them and give the problem to ourselves. There are a lot of mother daughter things going on in this episode. 

Kathy had THE TALK with Victoria! I think she did it perfectly. The thing is I know Victoria, and she is one of the most mature and classy seventeen-year-old girls around. She’s like off the charts good! Really! I almost feel like Kathy doesn’t even need to have the talk with her, she is so level headed. She’s a good kid and watching this makes me think about when I will have to do this with Antonia... I hope never :) Rich is so funny, he makes me laugh. Typical over protective daddy! But who wouldn’t be? Victoria is a bombshell, and Rich just wants her to stay his pretty, blonde, baby girl! Wonder what’s going to happen when she actually gets a boy friend? To be continued...

Jacqueline and Ashley made me cry the most. My heart broke for Jacqueline. The sound of her voice trembling when she was crying was just too much for me. These two love each other so much, but it’s almost like Ashley treats her like a friend rather than a mother. I think it’s because she had her at a young age, and they probably were best friends at one time. But once they view you as a friend, it’s hard to get them back to the place where you’re the mom. I thought it was nice of Ashley’s dad to surprise her and spend time together. What a strong group of adults to be able to all come together with their spouses for their daughter. That doesn't happen in most divorced families. Ashley, I hope you realize you are so lucky to have them! I know these two will be able to get it together and be a team. Jacqueline really does have the patience of a saint, and you have to with a twenty-year-old daughter. It’s not easy, but I know they will get through this.

I will say the workout scene was hysterical! OMG I loved it! Caroline was going to puke; Lauren looked like she was going to pass out; Chris and Albie were bringing it, as was Jacqueline who was kind of scary with her kicks (now I know to never mess with her); and I think I saw Greg’s balls! Wonderful scene!

Teresa trying to get the girls to take pictures was pretty funny too! I know it can be so difficult to get little ones to take pictures! Their facial expressions were hilarious. Gia is always like, "Leave me alone!" LOL. Teresa trying to get her speech out was funny too, good times, good times!

Last but not least... I finally put that studio to work and recorded On Display -- Yay! Thank you, Joe! I was so nervous to do it for the first time; recording in a studio is crazy. I’m used to singing in the shower! The studio is so different! Thank God I had great, patient producers to help me through the first time step-by-step. Now I’m a pro! LOL! I have four solid songs completed and can’t wait for you to hear the rest!

I am really happy with how On Display came out! It was my first, it was my baby. It will always have a special place in my heart! I wrote this song as a way to empower people. It’s not about me being a “celebrity.” It’s about being on display when you enter a new family, when you try something different, when you start a new job. You are on display and people are looking at you, waiting for you to fall, but you aren’t going to let them see you sweat. This track is meant to make you feel confident and make you want to dance! The beat on the remix is sick, and I jam to it all the time!

I’m so grateful for everything that is happening with my music, and I’m grateful that it even got this far. This is more than I ever could have ever dreamed of. I’m proud of it, and I hope you all enjoy it! Roll your windows down and sing, baby! Antonia and Gino know every word! It’s so cute! They love it. They request it in the car every time we get in. We blast it, even baby Joey bobs his head when it’s on. I love the original and the remix is just off the charts (if you ask me). Let me know what you think! 

I’m so excited to be performing at Beatstock on Saturday in Long Island! It’s going to be a long week... I just flew in Cris Judd to work with me on the choreography! I hope you all can come out and see me! Here’s the link to On Display and the Remix on iTunes.

Thank you all for your support, it really means the world to me.

Check out my website, I posted photos from the amazing single release party Joe threw for me at Hudson Terrace with all of our friends and family.

Follow me on Twitter @melissagorga and on Facebook.  

I hope everyone has a magnifico giornata!




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