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Everybody Hurts

Melissa gives her take on all the family drama from the past two episodes.

By Melissa Gorga

Hi everyone, 

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First I want to send my prayers and thoughts to all the families that are devastated by 9/11. I can’t even begin to comprehend how difficult these past ten years have been, but it’s incredible to see how united everyone is and it really puts things into perspective on how precious life really is. 

We were all away during the last episode so I didn’t get a chance to blog. I can’t believe how much damage Hurricane Irene created throughout New Jersey and the east coast. Roads are still closed in my town. I hope that everyone’s friends and family are safe. 

I’m going to touch on the previous episode briefly because much of what happens in this episode between Joe Giudice and my husband stems from that episode. You have to understand that the problem that exists between our families is deep, and we still haven’t been able to get past it or agree on what the problem actually is. Teresa and I will always support our husbands and they will support their wives. When there is tension between any of us, it tends to build up and boil over like you’ve seen over the entire season. What I hope you understand is that this has been happening for years, way before the Housewives. The tension between the Joes has been around before I entered the picture, but I guess it’s easier for Teresa to point the finger at me because she doesn’t want to blame her husband or her only brother, which I can understand.

The book signing was sad. Joe Giudice was upset that we were going to Teresa’s book signing and let my husband know over a text message. He felt like it was just for show. I want to clear up why we were at the book signing for the first time. We never knew she was writing a book in the first place until we heard about it in the press. She was doing many book signings and I think her brother was a little insulted that she never called us and told us about one. Maybe she thought we should look her up on Facebook and show up at one, but Joe wanted it to be more personal for him because he is her only brother. I don’t know who is right, I know how I would do it with my family, but everyone is different. What I do know is that I felt horrible for both of them during that book signing. It was so sad to watch, and it really does break my heart. I get so uncomfortable in these situations. I know how bad my husband is hurting from this, and I see the hurt in Teresa’s eyes as well. It might seem like I stick up for Joe a lot, but It’s because I love him, and when I married him I told him I’d stand by him until the end. I do love Teresa too, and I never want to see her cry like that again. 

Joe wanted to tell Teresa about what her husband was texting and saying about him because the tension between them is what’s continuing to cause the problems with his relationship with his sister. I don’t understand how Teresa can sit at a table with her husband after the book signing and blame it on me, when it is clear as day her husband caused the tension and by no means wants us to be a family. That is not playing fair. I don’t deserve the blame when the family has had issues way before I even came around. Yes, I do argue with Teresa and it does make me resent her sometimes. It’s like she will never say she is wrong. She won’t put it on her brother and definitely not her husband so I guess I have to take the blame. It was just so unsettling to see a grown man drunk at a dinner party, doing summersaults, chipping his tooth, yelling at his wife in front of people, and calling another family that he barely knows white trash. Let’s not even go there and mention the R-word. Who’s white trash? I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong and week after week you see how he antagonizes my husband and says hurtful things about me.

On to this week’s episode… Let me start off by saying the phone call between Teresa and I gave me a headache as well. I thought she was just calling to say hi and somewhere in the conversation I just lost it. I think it was when she brought up the christening. I thought we had moved past that, and I didn’t want her to rehash the past. Once she brought it up, that’s when I said that I thought her husband picked up my son at the christening and was doing it for show. I said that because Joe Giudice was saying my Joe was going to the book signing for show. Then she said I bring up the past, when she brought up the christening first… AND here we go again. We just keep falling into the same trap and neither side backs down. It got a little heated for a second, but I was over it as soon as I hung up the phone. I just would never want another child’s day to be ruined over grown adults that cannot get along. I wanted to make sure we all made the right decision about the birthday party and knew deep down that Joe and I would never let what Joe Giudice says or does keep us away from our niece. We love her so much, besides the fact that she’s Antonia’s best friend!

Happy Birthday, Miliania! I love her and she is such a character! I know the party got a little sad with Gia, but as horrible as it may have felt, I think we needed that. I was broken hearted for her. If my daughter was ever upset that way and I was seeing this at home, you couldn’t get me to fight with my sister-in-law no matter how hard you tried. I have a weak spot for children. I know everyone does, but I can’t see them hurt or in pain. That did it for me. Let’s fix this, NOW! Life is too short, we have incredible lives, incredible kids, and incredible families, let’s just enjoy each other. Enough is enough.

OK, on a lighter note… By now you know that we all like to have a good time. Yes, there is drama, but for the most part we all really enjoy each other’s company. Point in case, the charity walk was absolutely hilarious. We all had such a great time and fabulous outfits! I’m not going to lie; I walked the whole time with Caroline! We are such cheaters! Kathy won! She’s an excellent runner and props to Rich, Teresa, and Joe for finishing the entire race.

I have to talk about my obsession with Greg. I LOVE him! He is so much fun. We just clicked from the very first day we met. We definitely get each other and he had me at hello! I love Albie and Chris also. They are so sweet and funny. They are definitely stand-up boys with good heads on their shoulders. The BLK Water they have created with Chris Laurita is such an incredible idea. The water is amazing, and I know they will go far with it! I have a lot of respect for them. I’m glad they liked On Display. I wanted to play it for them because they are young, they go out a lot, and it is important for me to get feedback. I am really proud of the way my first song turned out, I’m not even going to lie, I still get chills when I put it on in my car because I can’t believe I actually did it. 

Didn’t Joeboken look like fun! We had such a great time that night. Joe called me a beast! OMG I’m so embarrassed. He’s a beast don’t you think? I will agree that I’m a tiger! Like the lyrics say (I’m a fighter, I’m a tiger!). It’s true! But I’m a good tiger, trust me! I am very blessed by the relationship that Joe and I have. I do cherish it and work really hard on keeping it that way. Marriage is never easy. It takes hard work and there is always upkeep for lack of a better word. We enjoy every day together. I love how Albie told us we are the best couple; those are the kind of compliments that mean the world to me. Lauren and Vito have also told us they love what Joe and I have and hope if they get married they will have the same! Everyone can have it, just marry someone you truly love, have fun together, work hard together, and respect each other! My rules to a happy marriage!

OK did you see Lauren and Vito practically making love with the mozzarella! The music playing was perfect! I was dying the whole time. They are a great couple and really enjoy spending time together. I think that Lauren is such a beautiful woman, but when she talks about herself without being optimistic, I get so mad. Stop that, Lauren! You are so beautiful inside and out, and your man loves you, at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

From seeing Richie’s party to our night out in “Joeboken” to the charity run (or should I say walk), I hope you can see that there are a lot of laughs and crazy times between all of our families. You see the good, the bad, and the scenes we wish we could take back, but we are living life the best we can and the ups and downs are real with any family, and I think people can relate to them. We take baby steps forward each day, and I can’t wait for guys to come on vacation with us to Punta Cana! It was so much fun and brought back a lot of good memories! Let us show you how Jersey rolls! See you next week!

Here’s the link to On Display and the Arkatone Remix, which I’m obsessed with!

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I hope everyone has a magnifico giornata!!



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